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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    I feel for you at the moment as you take the long journey of adjustment. It will take you some time before you start to feel better both physically and mentally.

    I am very interested to hear about your daughter being chosen as a student ambassador to Australia/New Zealand. It all seems so very exciting.
  2. serand4's Avatar
    You're timing is perfect! I just blogged about the negatives and positives of living with Lupus. Way to stay positive and God bless our families! They do tend to make life worth living!
  3. Peridot_Gem's Avatar
    Hi Heather,
    I've roughly had the same mate so here's a quick update to take matches on against your I have to laugh because if not half the time i'm blurting my eyes out.

    5yrs old freezing cold [thought i had cilblains bad but just found out now at 42 it was Raynauds]
    14yrs old till 18yrs old [Autisum]
    18yrs old [Manic depressive and put in an asylum for 12mths]
    21yrs old [two forms of epilepsey and todds-paralasis]
    24yrs old [two major strokes and layed up for 4yrs]
    28-29yrs old [plurasey twice and phemonia 3 times]
    32yr old [DVT all through my left leg full of clots]

    Since then nothing but aliments and skin trouble plus being wrongly diagnosed which the doctor's love doing and besides that joint pain like mad and waking up cramped to bits and my hubby rubbing me every morning before i can move and also muscle wastage to top the lot.

    I realy wish you all the best Heather and for adding your blog. Terri xxx