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  1. Lupus and Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

    I have been "gunned down' by shingles recently. If you wonder what is it, here is my account recorded in my blog.

    I am still coping with the nerve pain that comes with it. If you have remedies to relieve such pain, please share with me. Thanks!
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  2. Meditation and Insomina

    I recently tried meditation as an alternative to solve my insomina. Would like to share with you my experience if you are having the same problem.

    Here is the link to my blog entry on meditation and sleep http://livingmeaningfullywithlupus.b...editation.html

    Remember, the key is keep practising.
  3. Lupus patient and dog

    I have a family dog. While I was in the hospital, we decided to send him for dog-sitting since he is very active/playful and the doc said I must guard against infections. This would also help to lessen the stress on my hubby as he was busy with work, household chores and of course twice a day visits to the hospital then. I was grateful that my kind sister-in-law readily agreed to be the dog sitter for us for as long as we need.

    While I was home, I tried looking up the net on whether ...

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  4. My blog about my lupus journey