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  1. serand4's Avatar
    Well, the red turned out to be more auburn but I'm good with it. I had an inch of gray growing in and somethings just have to go! As far as pictures, I'm a bit pudgy now so there will be NO photos in my near future!! It's very good to hear about your kidney function. I'm so praying that I can avoid that issue. My pcp really got in my face (caring, not mean) about taking my Plaquinal regularly and taking the Lupus very seriously. His first concern was renal failure. I don't know what to say regarding the Pred. It's a blessing and a curse. Sometimes the side effects are worth it.
  2. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    WE need some before and after pictures of your red hair. Thankfully my kidney function improved and I didn't need to go on Prednisone, but the way I feel at the moment, I wish I was on it to give me some more energy and to reduce my pain.
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