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  1. Hillbillie's Avatar
    Hi Larry,
    I was diagnosed last year but it has taken this long to get my meds to work. I have a sensation similar to what you described except it in on my thigh. I have had it for some time now and it only does it occasionally that strong. To me it feels like someone is pushing a hot nails (like a red hot 'bed of nails') into my skin. First few times I felt it, I actually looked to see if there was something burning me. I do believe I am overly sensitive to things like seams in clothes, and especially feel any folds in the sheet under me. I don't know if its part of Lupus. I have told my regular doctor and he said it was nerve endings in my skin too close to the surface. Seems like I am really sensitive to labels, seams in clothing, and things like that. Guess you could say I sometimes have a bad case of the nerves!!!