quick...before I forget...

I've been SO absent minded! Just thought I'd put in words what I think is happening lately with my body.

I think since dx'd w SLE, my lupus, although I've showed signs of it in the past (miscarriages, etc) and been extremely photosensitive the past 5 yrs, progressively worse, and had negative ANA's as little as two years ago, that my lupus is really JUST NOW REARING ITS UGLY HEAD!!!!

And AS SUCH, I've been experiencing definite LUPUS symptoms (textbook almost) but only to a certain degree; because the prednisone and plaquenil are JUMPING in and calming things down.

for example, my stomach starts up (celiac?) but then after about a week, feels better. I have low grade fevers for almost two weeks and then they get better. My rfashes are better (not on my face. i think malar is permanent) So I think we nipped it in the bud!

I'm LUCKY so far!

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