Getting prepared

Hi, I am new to all of this, never had a blog before!!! If it doesnt make sense, please tell me!! Had a better week as been on prednisolone since Friday 5th February, so feeling better. I work as a nanny/childminder so a physical job which I want to keep doing. I have RA and apparently an overlap of MCTD/lupus. Just been put on hydrochoroquine at 200mg along with methotrexate 20mg and the pred. Not sure what to expect, as the pred is being reduced two days at a time, and so far its really helped with the swelling and pain. I am to get down to 5mg by Friday 19th. I also have to see the haemotology clinic due to the bruising which is getting worse. I have alot of headaches, skin rashes, muscle aches and pains, breathing problems, nose bleeds, nose and mouth ulcers and on and on!!! How does everyone cope with this?? I am also married to Roy and have 4 kids, youngest is now 16 and my other daughter lives at home too. My husband and girls are very good, but its not the same asknlowing what it feels like. Will update with any news as it goes.

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