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  1. ChelaHarper's Avatar
    This makes me giggle. I also have had these "moments" a lot lately. I keep saying things like pass my the dinner table instead of salt or saying things all jumbled like instead of saying "going outside" I'll say "soing outgide"...very embarrassing!
  2. Millie's Avatar
    Oh how many times this has happened to me too. At first I thought I was really going mad or something, and by the looks given to me by people who don't know better you might as well think I was going mental. Foggy, indeed.
  3. potts77's Avatar
    LOL Yes sir I want to lick a painting of coffee.... that's too funny... I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a brain fart.... well I blame mine on the hair color... blonde.
  4. SandyR's Avatar
    LOL! Ahhh the wonders of brain fog! I just this morning told a coworker that the coffee we have here tastes "acryllic". He looked at me strangley and said do you mean "acidic" because acryllic is a word that would describe art and not taste. I was thinking, duh! Of course I mean acidic. LOL. Too funny sometimes the way the words don't match the thoughts.