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  1. SugarSnit's Avatar
    I wanted to hit *like* or something... just to let you know I'm picking up what you're putting down here. Seriously. This is gobsmackingly accurate and true and annoyingly accurate and it doesn't quite hit the grating reality of how your non-lupie (non-sick) friends can only deal with soooo much REALITY of it before they slink away and hide.
  2. MicRoMediC's Avatar
    You are a writer at heart. This was good and interesting. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more "humor" from you. When I write things are so scattered and I have so much to say and have no idea how to say it. Anyway, thanks.
  3. Oberata's Avatar
    Hey, that's my hope . . . . that people identify with it and can maybe get some healthy laughs going at my expense. You lushes! LOL.

    I'll post all Lupus related stuff here b/c of the great initial responses I've gotten (like yours).

    Take care,
  4. Serenity81's Avatar
    I must say, you articulate the inner monologue much better than I can! It's hilarious though, because when it floats through my own mind, it seems as witty and humorous as it sounds when you write it, but when I try writing it out, it never ends up the way I hear it in my own head.

    Keep writing, it helps more than just yourself... =)
  5. Oluwa's Avatar
    I am in your audience...middle row. Do write more, Oberata.

    Be well...
  6. BonusMom's Avatar
    Please keep posting! I appreciate the humorous spin you've put on this dreadful disease.
  7. Oberata's Avatar
    . . for the encouragement!~! I'm feeling welcome already, and better for having an audience . . somehow . . Best, JT
  8. BonusMom's Avatar
    Loved your blog entry-thanks for sharing!

    I'd recently lost some weight that I gained due to the blasted steroids I took earlier this year, in spite of the holidays. That is, until I made the trek to my parents' house. I think I've regained 5 lbs in the 3 days I was away....and I'm not taking steroids. It's a vicious cycle and the 'roids definitely contribute to it.

    So glad you were able to use your Santa hat to avoid the Scrooge that rears its ugly head with Prednisone. The benefits of meds often prescribed for SLE outweigh (no pun intended) the weight gain and mood changes, although it's sometimes difficult to appreciate the benefits while you're barking at the waitress as you order your family size all meat pizza-for one.

    Welcome to WHL. It's a great forum that allows members to vent our spleens and/or share our victories in the face of SLE.
  9. rob's Avatar
    Great commentary Oberata! Very funny, and quite true as well. I've been dealing with "insta-rage" myself lately. If you feel up to it, say hello in the public part of the WHL forum, the more the merrier. Welcome to WHL.


    P.S. Klatooine Paddy Frogs are not bad, but I've always found deep fried Gorks taste too much like Bantha Pudu to be very appetizing.