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    [quote], but what choice do I have.... [/quote]

    There are always choices. The human body is a law-abiding system: when we follow the rules we are rewarded with good health. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and they don't teach doctors to care about the rules in medical school. It seems to me that doctors are trained to respond to a patient's symptoms - pills are the first treatment most doctors use...

    It's the rare doctor that steps out of line... Andrew Weil, M.D., comes to mind. You can read a lot of his best-seller, [i]Spontaneous Healing[/i] at (I'd post the links, but when I tired to link somewhere in my last post, the board said I had to prove myself with a few more comments first). There are authors with better information, of course, but Dr. Weil has some good information too.

    As for the migraines, these are frequently connected to abdominal dysfunction. Castor oil packs and high colonics might help.

    James Knochel
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    I am sorry you feel that way to Sheri! It really SUCKS doesn't it? It really is nice to come on here and be able to relate to each others problems, and to know positively that you are not ALONE! This site has been a godsend to me! I don't know what I would do without it! Thank you all so much!
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    I felt like I wrote that post "sick and tired". All I can say is DITTO$#@^*&
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    Awww...i feel for you and know how you feel with the bathroom/bed/tiredness...just everything. About a year ago I was diagnosed and bed ridden for 4 weeks. Yes it sucks the big one...LMAO as you put it so profoundly...I LOVE THAT I HAVE TO USE IT...LOL!!! But it gets day at a time. Hang in there and just know sleep and rest are coming on a normal cycle for you soon...