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  1. Millie's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I too keep trying and trying to hold on to my life as it was, not realizing that I no longer can do things I use to be able to do. And I hate the restrictions this disease puts on us. I hate doing the things I love, and then having to pay for them afterwards by getting sicker and sicker. I wish you strength and all the best.
  2. porchy's Avatar
    Sandy, thank you so much for your response. I am glad you understand where I am coming from and appreciate your input. I have acquired alot of my cardboard boxes by dumpster diving in the "for cardboard only" dumpsters at businesses around town so many of my boxes are different sizes. I have tried to put them in some sort of order (largest to smallest) but for the most part I still have to dig around until I find what I am looking for. I will call UPS and find out about pick-up. Thanks again for responding!! xoxo
  3. SandyR's Avatar
    You know that song, "Put On A Happy Face"? Sometimes that's just what we have to do. Nothing wrong with coming here to rant, we all do it, and it's healthy to steam off sometimes too. Unfortunately, you are right, and some people have a negative pre-conceived notion of what chronic disease or pain should look like. I'm not saying it's all roses, but so often (in my experience) it is made out to be much much more negative than it really is. Too much fake sympathy and avoidance seems to go along with that for me. I understand, and respect your decision not to air your grievences on FB. I don't feel that is a safe place either and since I am always thinking about going back to teaching, I am always thinking about how I am perceived by a potential employer and don't want my business out there for anyone to see and to pre-judge me for. I agree that this site is a much safer place to share how we are feeling where we can let down our hair and just be ourselves. Everywhere else, I pretty much feel like I should just slap a smile on my face and not let them know how it really is for fear of frightening them away.

    I think you are doing a wonderful job with Ruby Lane, but I am sorry to hear that the thing you love most is causing you pain right now. One thing that might help you - if you are sending UPS, why not call the 1-800 # for them to schedule a time to come and pick up? Then you don't have to lift those heavy boxes more than needed. Another thing (that you most likely already do, but if not is a simple helper) - do you keep your boxes stacked and sorted by size from smallest to largest? If you always order the same dimension boxes to ship, write the dimension #'s down on the cubby holes and on some sort of inventory where your stock is and then you will be able to decide quicker which box to use with which item.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to SPEW and rant some more.