1. Feet On Fire

    I've been doing better the past few months. Not great but better. So hubby is on vacation this week. It's only Tuesday and I've already done too much and now my feet (severe chronic plantar fasciitis) are on fire due to trying to do too much. AGain. I pushed too far. I tried too hard. I did too much. I tried to be a normal person. When will I EVER LEARN. stupid stupid stupid stupid.

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  2. 4:10am

    I remembered tonight that I have this place to come and let my hair down. I have been very active on Facebook and have seen some of the members of WeHaveLupus.com there. I also have my online business on another site and it has been surpassing my wildest dreams lately. I have had orders coming faster than I can get the stuff packed and shipped. Which brings me here, where I can share without having a negative impact on my buyers who may also connect with me on Facebook.

    I have been ...