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    I feel the same exact way! I have been having a bad day ALL WEEK! My mood is low/depressed and energy is low! I completly understand how you feel except I do feel alone and isolated. I think this site helps us all to vent and say what is on our mind or share our feelings and you are totally valid in what you feel and say.
    I do hope the coming days we all feel better and do better. I look forward to reading about you being in remission and this is my prayer for you and myself as well.
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    I feel terrible for you...I'm so sorry you're suffering....both with the physical stuff and the emotional pain that Lupus brings to us. It's such a rotten disease that steals some of the best things from us...from our lives. Your words really hit home for me. I always felt like one of the worst things Lupus did to me was to take away the fun, happy, bubbly person I was and take away my ability to be part of the things I loved to do...the people I loved to be with. It's just so damn unfair. Especially the part where life just seems to go on without you...almost like it doesn't even miss a beat. Everyone else seems to go on with their lives and their fun and their plans, and you have your life and your body stolen from you. That hurts so much. I hate that Lupus can take you away from your friends having fun and force you to go lie down and be alone and in pain. That's the lonliest part of this disease, for me anyway.

    And as a woman who likes to take care of people, especially as a host for my friends, I feel your pain there too. When it's something you've always been able to do and you enjoy the job of entertaining and hosting, it's really hard when you just can't do it.

    I wish I had some magic words to say that would make it all better. Instead I'll have to settle for....I'm sorry....and I understand your pain and suffering. Those words seem totally inadequate to cover the horribleness of Lupus, but I had to let you know that I care and I understand, and let you know that even though it feels like it right now, you're not alone....I'm thinking of you. And I care very much.

    Gentle Hugs......Lori
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