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  1. SandyR's Avatar
    I am glad to hear that you escaped the flooding. Terrible news about the weather lately.

    I have been on Librax. It's ok. Not great. Definately gave me cotton mouth. I had a 10 pill script and am so bad about using pills that I threw the bottle out less then 1/2 used because, in the long run, I felt that changing to a High Fiber diet in good times and Low Residue in flares was much more effective for me.

    How's it going with the new furbaby? Did she get a name yet? I am glad you got her from the shelter too. I volunteer at a local shelter on Friday nights. If you are on FB, I have an album of puppy pics from my shelter.

    How are you this weekend? What plans do you have? I am home and relaxing this weekend. Have plans to cook and clean tomorrow and meet up with a friend to pup walk on Sunday. I hope you are well and flare free.

  2. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    oh aggasgirl, a good dr. and a new is deserve some enjoyment.
  3. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh wow.Flooding hey.I a glad you are back online and hope the weather gets better for you all soon.

    I will be thinking of you with having that proceedure but you will get through it,we are all here for you.just imagine they may find out whats wrong for sure.Yes this doctor sounds very promising and now hopefully you will get the proper care you so need.
    OMG a puppy yipeeeeeeee.Im so glad Grace has taken to her.Maybe ''HOPE'' for a name? They bring you so much joy i am so glad you have your fury babies.You enjoy their love.I will look at the photos.
    Thinking of you and sending yu strength for the proceedure.Love n hugs Amanda.xxxxxxxx
  4. abbasgirl's Avatar
    Oh...also...I posted an album with some pics of puppy. It's hard to capture her color for some reason with the camera. If I use a flash she looks reddish. If I don't, she looks like a dull blonde. But she's more of a vibrant color. I need to spend time with the camera more and figure out the flash of these days. lol.
  5. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Well let me know how the neuro appt goes.Just rest up and know i care n hope you heal up n feel a touch better very soon.We miss you when you are away,but am glad your doc is helping you.Lots of love Amanda.xxxxxxxxx
  6. abbasgirl's Avatar
    Thanks Amanda.

    Doc was kind as usual but it's not been long enough for another decadron shot. She did draw blood to check for some other things. someone is finally checking my thyroid! (i have two uncles with thyroid trouble) I should hear from her sometime next week about the results. she did enlighten me about something i had been puzzled about.

    when i saw that hematologist, she found elevated anticardiolipin antibodies...did another test and it was normal, then wanted to do another test...and then I left her so called "care". i told my pcp i don't know if i should even be worried about it or not. she got out a book right there in her office and looked it up! I love that woman! she said she didn't think i had to worry about clotting but she said patients with sjogren's and lupus do have elevated numbers in those antibodies. she can't figure out why the specialist didn't acknowledge that or we suppose the specialist didn't know as she didn't know a lot of other things either.

    it's something else found in my blood that points to lupus and sjogren's but still no damn diagnosis... it's still all the complement deficiency's fault according to them. but not my pcp...she feels sure it's lupus and sjogren's.

    she refilled my scripts and gave me a good pep talk. i have an appt with the neuro at the end of the month i'm looking forward to. she told me she trusts this neuro...she hears good things about him working with his patients. if we could get a handle on all of the pain in my head and feet, i'd be fine dealing with the rest of the woes.
  7. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh my dear friend.Im sorry you are going through this but so hope the doc can help make you feel a little better on Monday.We miss you,but rest and know im thinking of you.
    Love Amanda.xxxxxxxx
  8. abbasgirl's Avatar
    Thank you Lori!

    I need to tell you my problems more often. It took the server a while to repair the problem but they gave us two week's credit on our bill! You go girl! Kick it again! Lol.
  9. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Oh, sorry to hear it Abbasgirl. Computers and servers can be such a pain sometimes. And when it happens, our lives and connections are put on hold sometimes.

    Sorry you're cut off from us....we miss you....but thanks for letting us know what's up. I'll try this.....*she sends extra strong positive thoughts straight to your server....and gives it a kick in the a$$..*

    Seriously, hope things get fixed for you soon. Till then, be well and take care.