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    By the way can you tell i havent checked the BLOGS before! LOL I was a little late on this one huh! SORRY!!
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    AWWW, HI Froggal! HAH, GUILT is the one feeling us women have ALOT of the time. WE unfortunately are wired that way. Its up to US though to not allow ourselves to FEEL this way . WE allow the people in our lives to effect us this way. We are CARETAKERS so its natural for us to feel "bad" when we arent taking care of our loved ones the way we used to. Especially if this is the way we have always been in our relationships. This is a lifestyle change we just have to adjust to. Its not easy but it is up to US, we cant control others but we can control ourselves. Educate yourself and then educate him on all the ins and outs of this disease. Sure, you'll have days where its harder than others to get yourself through it, but just remember, you've made it through before, rightDo what YOU CAN do and what you CANT do, allow yourself to relax about it. Its up to you sweetie Please take care of yourself and YOU CAN DO IT!!! XXXXXXXXX
  3. froggal's Avatar
    Thank you both so much! Sometimes I just think that I need to hear that my feelings are valid. I also think that I have spend a lot of time spoiling a man who takes it for granted!
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    Its normal.I think you are trying too hard for your man to believe you are actually sick and mistaking it for guilt. Make him aware how you are feeling.This illness does make you look well at times. What does he want for you....maybe a full body plaster cast so he can actually know where you are hurting? You stop feeling guilty! You make sure he folds more linen next week and the more work he gets to do the more he'll ARE sick and you can not help that.Hang in there.Hopefully he will understand one day.But until that day, give him plenty to do for you.....dont feel guilty!!xx
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    i think that it's good that you're questioning yourself at least, for feeling guilty. i certainly don't think you should be feeling guilty for any of these things.