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    That was a rare day !!!
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    hi wrightsr

    Thank you for you post really apprecited the feed back . In pain right now but it should get better. Read your entry and im sorry to hear about your struggle with PH and I will keep you in my prayers . Glad to see you posted the website for others who are also dealing with the same issue.
    Feel better slim
  3. Peppy's Avatar
    Hello wrightrs,

    Sorry that you are having difficulties. At least you have warm weather on your side (or is that another one of our enemies?) I live in New York and had to go to Florida at the end of Feb. for work and I have not been the same sense returning home. My doc told me the Lupus is in my brain and the memory is my biggest complaint (that is if I remember that it bothers

    Hang in there...that is all we can do and hope for a cure to this incidious disease!

  4. wrightrs's Avatar
    Thanks James and Bonita. I appreciate the info.
  5. Bonita's Avatar
    My friend has trouble with leg ulcers and she tried honey and it ate even more of her skin away but maybe it will help ou. bonita
  6. JamesKnochel's Avatar
    try putting honey on the ulcer. Any kind will help, but raw honey or locally-produced honey are best. There's a kind from New Zealand - manuka honey, iirc - that has the most anti-bacterial action of any honey available.

    -James Knochel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Oliver
    You have a lovely time and rest and enjoy it!! See you when you get back .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    We are back. Had a very nice time. The weather was great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrkgaspar
    Sounds like loads of fun!!!!!!
    Yes, were back and we had a very good time. Wish we were still there.
  9. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    You have a lovely time and rest and enjoy it!! See you when you get back .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. jrkgaspar's Avatar
    Sounds like loads of fun!!!!!!
  11. wrightrs's Avatar
    Angel,Thanks for the two fingers to my neighbor. One of my neighbor's cats just got his eye shot out. I want to move.
  12. wrightrs's Avatar
    Julie 46, thanks for the advise. Still don't have a car yet. I guess it will still be a while they just cut everybody's pay at his job.

    Be very careful driving. Passing out so dangerous
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    Julie46, Sorry you have trouble sleeping also. Sounds like you have some of the same problems I have. I'm here a lot late at night playing games and reading threads.
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    Beckey L.,Thanks I would like another place to find things. is very limited. And doesn't fit Cheddar's style.
  15. Beckey Lapp's Avatar
    There is another site for pictures, I can't get on twitter right now so I can't give you the exact address, but it is called Jib Jab. BuddythePuggy uses it for all his pictures.
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    Hi again, I can't remember the last time I slept all night. I toss and turn each night, changing positions to be more comfortable due to hip and knee pain,etc... Also insomnia, I seem to wake at 3 each night or if my husband gets up for work at 4:30 I can't fall back to sleep after. I take adavan (an anxiety pill) to help me sleep.
  17. Julie46's Avatar
    I've been without a car since early January, I went off work with a Lupus flare and was off for 3 months, my car burned (self combusted during a minus 40 spell). We just bought another vehicle a few weeks ago, I had to fight with my husband to get 1, so I pretty much did it without him. So car shop and just do it, he'll get over it. Mind u many days he has to drive me because I feel to ill, go to pass out sometime while driving. But I'm driving again and no longer feel imprisonned. Good luck!!!!!
  18. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    I know about the econy n stuff but id tell your husband CONSTANTLY you need one.Just a cheap run around will do! If you have any thought he's trying to 'control' yu put a stop to it now.Tell him daily you NEED a car! Then do it twice a day, then tell him 3 times a day.Do it until he's sick of hearing about how you need that car! Make sure you get one soon.xxxxxx
  19. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Im glad you and your lovely cat had a nice time.2 fingers u to your neighbour, some people are just miserable for the hell of it. Hope you have many more sunny
  20. wrightrs's Avatar
    Hi I did the same thing last night. I hav'nt said anything to my doctor about meds for sleep!!! I have sleep apnea. and wear a CPAP mask when I sleep. I also grind by teeth and wear a bite guard to bed. I think it's stress. My husband job is cuting back a lot. Some have been laid off. So far my husband has'nt been. But his hours have been cut a lot. Many days he does'nt work a all!!! His job has cut back on other things too. Like our heath ins. has gone up so much it's hard to pay what they don't pay. His job also says if things don't get better they may cut out our heath ins. complety. And I don't have a job.

    All this stress is making my Lupus symtoms worse. Sorry I went into all this. But thats why I not sleeping!!!
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