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  1. sickofbeingsick's Avatar
    I feel exactly the way you do! My beautiful children are growing up without me (I am just not engaged in life anymore) and as a mother, the guilt is almost unbearable. I watch them grow, but I am just a witness, watching the clock for when I can go to bed. I am not even diagnosed, but I can relate to you.
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    We all understand you and send you gentle hugs.Glad you know now you are not alone.Try not to worry about tasks you could do.Do them when you can.No big deal.You look after you, you sound like you have a good family around you.Rest and take your time.One day at a time. So you carnt do things as fast as you could.The only perso who is worried about that is you which is puttinfg stress on yourself and theres no need to.What carnt be done today can be done tomorrow.As long as yu and your family keep well and rested thats all that matters.
  3. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    wow melynie,

    you so precisely described a day in our lives. you have a 3 year old daughter, right, do you have more.

    thank goodness your husband tries....that is really all we can ask, because it is impossible for anyone to completely understand.

    have you shared with your dr. just how horrible you are feeling.

    sometimes a positive attitude is all that one can grab hold on to....everything else is taken away from us.

    i know you feel bad, but your analogy of the little league football team made me laught out thanks for the laugh.
    wish i could return the favor.

    i don't have magical words, but my heart hurts to hear your pain....please try to take care of those babies, and let the house get dirty....(if someone comes over and is offended, ask them to clean it for you)