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  1. tasha's Avatar
    the drugs HAVE finally kicked in! i just found out today that the protein levels in my urine have decreased by half! i've been on cellcept for almost 2 months now, and it's finally working. you just have to be patient. from what i can hear, it can take even much longer than this to kick in for some people.
  2. mortifiedat52's Avatar
    so, have the drugs kicked in yet?

    i was just diagnosed with lupus based on blood tests this month.. at my last appointment with the rheumatologist, she took a urine sample.. i don't know the results of that test yet, but i had assumed that since i wasn't having any trouble in that department that i was ok... but you weren't have any trouble either, right?? no pain or problems urinating?

    i'm taking prednisone and cellcept and wondering when i can expect some relief in my hands and feet.
  3. tasha's Avatar
    i noticed that the prednisone made me feel hungrier when i was on 40mg but now that i'm on 30mg i've gotten more back to normal thankfully. but prednisone makes you gain a ton of water weight regardless of whether you change your eating habits or not. it just kinda sucks no matter what
  4. purplepinkgirl's Avatar
    Your story is somewhat familiar to mines, but it sounds like you have a good rheumy and primary doctor. Just try to watch what you eat since you always feel hungry. I gained 32 lbs in one month when i first started 60mg of prednison. so i am now trying to work off this extra 40lbs before the summer gets here. I hope you do well with yours keep me posted and good luck!
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