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  1. Saysusie's Avatar
    It was a beautiful day here is SoCal. I actually was able to get into the pool and swim.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your day
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hey great news.Im sending good vibes for you to feel GOOD tomorrow and not in pain or having a flare.You never know you may feel fab tomorrow.Good on ya for telling your boss and im so glad she was understanding.Sending you the vibes now---------> SENT.xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Me too was in the garden, but it was freezing here, but sunny and i got a bit burnt whoops! Hope you enjoy your mouths watering sounds delish! You enjoy! xx
  4. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    ha, yeah i was kind of stressing about telling my boss. i was scared because i didnt know how she was going to react and everything, but she was actually really calm about the situatio n and very understanding. i figured it would be best to tell her so that i am not putting myself at risk at work, and plus if something were to happen while i was at work, she would know why.
    plus this way, i can't get penalized for not being able to come in or having to miss days because of docs. app.
  5. dsunshine's Avatar
    Hello Ashley
    Glad your meds got lowered and I too experience Flare ups when my prednisone is tappered down. Congrats on having the nerve to communicate with your boss about your condition. I know it wasn't easy as you want a sense of privacy at work about your personal life unless you decide to share.
    Here to you going into remission and enjoying a healthy wonderful life!
  6. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    OMG RENT was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! i loved it soo much!! i wanna see it again! haha, we were 7 rows from the stage!!!!
    i got a t-shirt and a coffee mug to remember the nightt! and ofcourse my own memeories in my head! hahah
  7. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Hope you have a great time at the show tonight! Enjoy..... Lori
  8. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    will do saysusie !
    and angel, you make my day!
  9. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hey fab!! Im so glad you had a great time, even though you were tired and nearly late for school after.I bet it was worth it..give me a f give me a A give me a B what is Ashley? FAB!!!!! xx
  10. Saysusie's Avatar
    I love "Rent", let me know how you enjoyed it. You are still young and sleeping on the couch doesn't end up being a crick in your neck, a knot in your back, a hitch in you giddyup, and a ache in your head (lol). Glad you made it to school on time!
  11. wrightrs's Avatar
    Glad your doing better. Hope you continue to improve!!! Take care.
  12. tasha's Avatar
    yay! i'm glad you've been having so much fun! and niagara falls, aaaaahhhh i'm so jealous. i've always wanted to visit! someday in the near future, hopefully!
  13. tasha's Avatar
    interesting... treadmill test... i wonder if i'll ever need to do one of those!

    i miss being in high school and all the activities... i never did cheer but i did drama and choir and it was so much fun. enjoy it while you can!! and you're right, health comes first. we need to take care of ourselves!

    have fun at the jonas brothers! i will admit i am NOT a fan, haha. but different strokes for different folks
  14. tasha's Avatar
    congrats on your results lately you seem to be doing well! yay for lowering prednisone! we should start a lowering prednisone club i can finally lower mine to 20mg and i am BEYOND stoked about that!
  15. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    hi ashley,

    surely you completed enough of the stress test for them to get their findings....i will keep my fingers crossed that your heart proved to be strong, and that (as we have all heard too many times) "it must be your lupus".

    let us know when you get the results.
    Updated 04-01-2009 at 07:57 PM by mountaindreamer
  16. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh im glad the test is over with now.Shame you missed cheerleading but you know you needed this. When will you get the results? Oh yes i know Jonas Brothers lol.But sorry...Back Street Boys always come first.I love them to bits.Followed them from the beginning.They came to Manchester...oh was fab, before our Kevin left.
    Anyway hope you get tickets and enjoy yourself and sing out loud like i do.
    You take care....and no...i was gonna get ya on april fools but i was good.xxxxxxx
  17. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    hi ashley,

    so glad you are enjoying a shopping day. with all that you have been through, you certainly deserve some special goodies.

    how was cheerleading. are you trying out, or are on starting practice. my girls played volleyball and ran track. i don't know that much about cheerleading, but i do know that you all work hard and are very good athletes.

    congrats on loweing prednisone....hope you do ok.
  18. tasha's Avatar
    where do you want to go to college?

    ahhhh, i want a wii so bad!!!
  19. tasha's Avatar
    that sounds like a fabulous idea for your project! good luck with it and have fun in the dominican republic!!!
  20. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Ah glad they' re over with now and good luck with your results.

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