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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Happy birthday for tmrw and i hope the concert is better thana you imagined.They are so cute,but i love Back street boys lol.Lots of love n keep enjoying life.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    You know you should have said that to her.But you'll be so impressive on this project THEN she'll understand...she doesnt understand at all.Goodluck!! xxxxx
  3. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    yeah all of the teachers recieved a note from the hospital explaining my condition, when i was first diagnosed. and she has the nerve to say ''she understands what im going through'' nooo you really don't. and if you did, you wouldn't be failing me! mann its so frustrating ! haha

    but thanks for wishing me luck!! i mean, my project is on lupus, soo its something that i know ALOT about. soo hopefully i breeze thru!
  4. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh good luck and soon it'll be over then HAPPY HOLIDAYS...yipeeeeeee.xxxxx
  5. dsunshine's Avatar
    Ashley...glad to hear your in good always! Yes gym teachers do go overboard a lot! Did you explain or have your parents explain your condition to the teacher or counselor so perhaps you could get alternative assignments in lieu of the physical when you miss days? Some people just have no compassion until something happens to them! Well...I wish you much luck on your finals and your grad project which I am sure you don't need...but luck any way!
  6. wrightrs's Avatar
    So sorry she should have talked with you about it instead a just throwing it away. I guess they worry about whats in the bottle. But she didn't handle it right.
  7. dsunshine's Avatar
    Mean people suck! I get rules are rules but at least she could have heard you out and let you explain. Sometimes people with authority take it to their head and become drunk with power. I hope your mom goes off and they know not to even look your way next time. I do hope you had a wonderful time in spite of a ruff morning.
  8. lucky7's Avatar
    HOORAY for you and your mom Ashley!!! Thats GREAT HUN!!!! Take care of yourself and get better!!!! XXXXXXXXXXX
  9. dsunshine's Avatar
    Hi Ashley,
    Hope you sore throat goes away asap. You do need your strength and health for not just this week but to finish up your senior year! I am sure with your attitude you will be up and running tomorrow morning. I am pulling for you!
  10. Beckey Lapp's Avatar
    You sound like such an awesome girl. Just remember your boss picked you and every new job feels overwhelming at first. You will be fine and soon you will be the one who knows the reception desk. Nobody starts a new job knowing how to do it. Give yourself time to learn.
    Good Luck,
  11. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    i kinda wanna go to Penn St. one of the campus's is only like 15 miles away. which isnt bad at all :] i dont wanna go too far from home. not yet at least. haha
  12. tasha's Avatar
    this year HAS gone by fast! i'm starting summer session tomorrow already, can you believe that???

    what colleges are you looking into?
  13. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    i LOVE christmas time too!
    i was kinda bummed that my christmas was pretty much ruined this year... i mean, i had a nice one...but i didn't get to do anything on my xmas break because thats when i was like in the hospital n' stuff.
    but im going to make up for that this next christmas forsure! :]
  14. MicRoMediC's Avatar
    Last year went just as fast as this year! It seems like just yesterday it was new years! I can't believe that it is already may! We're going to Vegas at the end of july, which is a make up trip from when I had my gallbladder out, (we were supposed to go the day of my surgery!) I can't wait til Christmas, it's such a great holiday! The love from people, even people that don't like you, is so wonderful and the Christmas spirit is just amazing!
  15. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hey you can do it another time,maybe in the future so dont you worry,just get better.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. tasha's Avatar
    congrats on staying on the honor roll!!! and i think your career plans sound wonderful!
  17. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Yes glad your feeling better.Wow what good weather you have its 55 here.But at least you''l be out even though you are working.Is it with the animals? Oh Congrats on the honour roll.Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.xxxxxxx
  18. Saysusie's Avatar
    So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hopethat you will not have to up your Prednisone dosage. Congratulations on the honor roll!!! I admire your strength and I think that your goal to work with children is also admirable!
    Best of Luck
  19. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    awh how i envy you!
    i wish i had a pool!
  20. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    angel, i think your vibes worked! because i felt perfectly fine for work! haha.
    but it was on delay, i felt it today, so i stayed home from school.
    but i would much rather of had it happen today, then yesterday!!
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