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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Sending you gentle hugs.xxxxxxx
  2. gina's Avatar
    thanks i know the story i was with husband for 20 years. when i got real sick in 2005 and they were trying to figure out things he wasn't supportive yelled get out of bed children need you were dinner and so forth. i met my boyfriend now and he gave me what i needed at that time even went to docs with me when husband wouldn't. so you know the story start out as friends and one thing led to another. i tried to go back to husband but he wouldn't forgive me so went back with boyfriend and we live together now with my two kids and his daughter visits on weekends.

    i believe in fate or things do happend for reasons just another step in this wonderful life i call hell. if there is a god and heaven and hell, we live in hell now and when we die go to heaven no hell when you die we are living it.

    sorry about your dog. i couldn't bring my dog where i live now and husband has her and i miss her everyday she wait for me by door sleep between my legs at nite and never left my side when sick in bed. i know not same thing but i miss her very much. have a great day.
  3. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Im glad you called your Doctor and got the ball rolling.Soon you will have the answers and hopefully in time get treatment n feel better.Sorry to read about your boyfriend being laid off.Im sure something will turn up for the better and i hope soon. Stuff your husband, he's just trying to make you jealous....ignore him he's not worth your energy.If he was that happy why isnt he filing the he carnt be that happy. I left my husband end of 2001 and i finally got the divorce papers yesterday, so you're the first ive told.We are still friends though.Long story why it took so long You enjoy your new relationship and remember they're only can now be happy

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    Hi Gina,

    I just read your blog. I am sorry i have no answers for you, but i know many others here will have more knowledge. Please post this in one of the other forums and i bet someone will help you. Because this is a new feature, not allot of people may look in the blog section.So please dont think they do not care....they really do and will help you with any questions. Hope you are feeling ok and have a lovely weekend.