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04-29-2011, 09:12 AM
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on here in awhile. I tried a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks, it helped with the aches and pains but made mood swings and brain fog way worse. I am not on the diet anymore to see how much changes. As of right now still bad brain fog, I don't think my mood swings are AS bad, but they are pretty bad. :/
Ache sometimes late at night. I randomly get sharp pains now though. I got sharp pains before, but they're coming back as well.
It's hard focusing in school. My grades aren't doing to bad though. I'm usually an A honor roll student, but so far I have a few B's. Not too bad, just sad knowing it's so hard to stay focused on homework. I'm mainly worried about finals coming up.
My appointment to see what I have is in June. Mom made an appointment for the end of May to a different rhuematologist. The date it's set for is on a day where we take finals. Poooooooooooop.
I hate brain fog. I don't even remember what I did yesterday. My boyfriend read me something about how poeple who have lupus may not have lupus, they may just be allergic to gluten. But he's no rhuematologist, but gluten free diet does help I think. Maybe not to totally cut gluten off because so many good foods have it in it, but to not eat as much and just to eat healthier. I still bring gluten free lunches to school, I eat whatever is for dinner though.
Well, I'm gonna get back to class. I hope everyone's doing well.

04-29-2011, 12:04 PM
HI Kayla,

Thanks for stopping by to update us! While there are diets that can help with some symptoms but there isn't anything natural that is going to replace medicines. I hope your appointment gets here a bit faster. I know your mom is working hard to learn all she can about the disease just like you are. I understand about the brain fog being difficult to deal with. It is one of the most difficult parts of being with is disease. The good news is that when they start the meds and you start figuring out what things trigger you or make you flare, it is quite possible that the brain fog will be better.

Keep us posted and you are in my thoughts!

04-29-2011, 01:07 PM
I understand your frustrations. I missed almost a month of school this term and now have my AP exams coming up and I have barely got myself caught up in my classes. If your really struggling I would email your teachers and tell them that you are trying your best right now, but its not your usual best. Maybe they can give you some extra credit or something along those lines so that your grade reflexs how hard you've been working. I was very against asking for help because its just part of how I am and I'm so glad now that I did. I was failing from all the missing assignments (I'm also an A student) and my teachers have been cutting out assignments and giving me more time to do things. You'd be suprised how helpful they can be when you ask for it. I'm sure they know how smart and hard working you are so if you explain to them what you're going through I'm sure you could get some help =) Are you taking anything right now for the aches? And I dont know about the gluten link, but if you haven't already I would look around on the LFA's website they have some of the best information out there. http://www.lupus.org/webmodules/webarticlesnet/templates/new_learnaffects.aspx?articleid=2268&zoneid=526 Hope you find that helpful, and I hope you start feeling better!