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04-22-2011, 01:16 PM
Hi all, haven't posted in a few days and thought i would fell everyone in on my eye situation. I"m tolerating the Plaquenil well this time and have lost a few pounds after starting it.. That's always a plus. I had my 2nd eye appt today and my doctor put me on Restasis and put plugs in my tear ducts. These will last about 2 weeks. If they help, he will put perminent ones in after these dissolve. He said if this didn't do it we would have to plug the top ones and that was a really rare thing. I"m hoping to clear up a little by Sunday because we have a big day planned for the little ones..He also said he wanted my doctor to retest me for Srogrens [or however you spell it, ] again. I asked him about the strip test thing and he told me it would not dx the disease just tell him how dry my eyes were. Then he said he didn't need to do that because he had never seen such dry eyes after he used the dye. Well we 'll see how this goes.

04-22-2011, 02:31 PM
Hi craftkeeper,

I have sjogren's and have had plugs. Mine fell out several times on one eye, so I had that eye cauterized. The restasis has been great for me. It burns a little when I put it in, but my eyes are no longer as dry as they were. The fact you are on Plaquenil should help. I hope your doctor will help you with all this and tell you about other things out there that will also help your symptoms. Good Luck

04-22-2011, 08:44 PM
Hi Craftkeeper,
Dry eyes and dry mouth are the classic signs of Sjogren's. Check out the excellent site for the Sjogren's Foundation: http://www.sjogrens.org/
I've been on Restasis for about nine months now. It's really pricey, so my doc told me that it's ok to use the vial more than once - just keep it clean and cool.
He's offered me the next step, the plugs, but I'm not ready to try them yet.
I also take Pilocarpine, which increases saliva and helps with overall dryness.

There are blood tests that indicate Sjogren's - SSAs and SSBs. There is also a lip biopsy, in which a few glands are removed from the inside of your lip.
It isn't too bad, but it is best to get it done in a teaching hospital where the docs are familiar with doing it and the labs are good at reading the results.
It seems that most labs aren't very familiar with it.

Sjogren's can affect many systems, much like Lupus. However, both my current rheumy and my neuro believe that it is only dry eyes and mouth.
My former rheumy knew better. I hope that you have a good doc who understands this disease.
Good luck,

04-23-2011, 08:05 AM
Thanks Marla and Lacey, yeah there are just to many maybes with all of these overlapping thingies huh? It would be nice if all of the doctors could just get together and say okay here it is,cut and dried, this is what you have lets doctor it. No such luck i guess. My Rheumy said the last visit that the dry eyes and mouth were symptoms of the Lupus. The eyedoctor says he bets on sjorens no matter what the last bloodwork said.
The Restasis is pretty steep, but my doctor gave me a visa card from the company that makes it. that i can use each month for big discounts. That along with my insurance and i came out better then i thought i would.
Even with the plugs for the next two weeks i will be using steroid drops, Restasis,Systane and Genteel gel at night. He told me to keep the systane in the fridge and boy does that feel good. After that i will go off the steroids.
I was really suprised that there was no pain when he inserted the plugs. He let my nine year old watch him do it so she wouldn't be afraid and then let her look through his instrument to get a closer look. He's a really great doctor.
Thanks for the link Marla. I will go over there and look around.

04-27-2011, 12:17 PM
Hello craftkeeper,

Nice to hear at least one of us mastered the plaquenil and fare game mate, it just did'nt suite me with the side affects but was great for my skin would'nt know about the joint's as i was'nt on it long enough only 12wks but keep at it.
I am pleased your getting retested again for sjogren's but that does make your eyes how yours am and if he said he does'nt need to strip test them, then he knows they're bad enough and i know how you feel about the spelling of these Diseases.LOL

It sounds like you have an excellent rheumo mate, wish mine was the same and it's not very often these days you do get genuine good doctor's or specialist's. I would definitely agree you have sjogren's especially how your eyes are and dry mouth as it causes your saliva to dry up.

I am pleased for you mate keep we updated please.

~Hugs Terri~ xxx

04-27-2011, 02:34 PM
Hi Terry, i am so sorry the Plaquenil didn't work for you. I'm hanging in there with it for now.. I just got on here for a few minutes to check on everyone.. We are under our third Tornado Warning for the day so i better scoot for cover again. Thinking about you and hugs.

04-27-2011, 03:08 PM
Hi craftkeeper,

Sorry about the Tornado warning mate and i hope to god nothing happens.

Some of the side affects can be extreme and my system well landed on them, breathing difficulties etc i was in a right state with it but i hope your able to master it better then me but the drug does'nt suite everyone, well that goes for any drug on the market.

Just be careful mate and wishing you all my love xxx