View Full Version : Lupus and temper.

04-20-2011, 06:13 AM
Since the symptoms and diagnosis of SLE, many mental stages change. There are times where you feel you will be sad forever, times you feel you will be agitated forever, good patches when you forget you even have a disease, and confused moments of not knowing what to think.

However the change in mindset on so many occasions seems to have brought upon this permanent (hopefully not) mental state of anger and a feeling of being 'hard done by', even when your travelling well and there arent too many issues.

For example I went to see my football team 'Essendon FC!' take on massive rivals Carlton FC. After copping abit of stick from a couple of Carlton supporters (who went over the top) I soon found myself being held back by a mate, otherwise I would of been kicked out of the stadium for demolishing these wankers. But my point im trying to make is I should be able to ignore these incidents and not worry too much about them, something that I dont seem to be succeeding at currently. Any tips at all folks? By the way it doesnt just go for the football, that is only an example.

Linda From Australia
04-20-2011, 06:17 AM
So maybe many people at the footy who behave like 'that' may be weening themselves off steroids.
Sorry no advice, other than posting a picture of yourself so I will make sure I don't sit anywhere near you at the footy.
On the more compassionate side, I do hope you feel a bit better soon, and will be able to enjoy yourself, even at the footy.

04-21-2011, 12:38 AM
i understand your delema, ESSENDON. that explains everything.

but seriously, i too have the same problem. it is bad enough for me to seek proffesional help.
i went to anger management classes.
i also take depression medication.
only mild, but it does help dramatically. with the cocktail of drugs most of us take, a side effect can be, mood swings.

mild depression medication helps take the edge off.

talk to your doctor, it may help...........it did with me.