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11-26-2005, 08:25 PM
After a trip hiking in the CA dessert I had what I believe was a flare up. After a week of feeling the worse I have ever felt I called my RA. Nurse suggested a dermatologist for sores and rash. I then told her my other symptoms which were low grade fever, fatique, muscle pain, joint pain, nose bleeds and Raynards flare. She then said she would have to check with the RA to see if I warrented an appointment. I have only been to him three times in three years.

Well I did get a new RA this week. :)

I made an appointment with the dermatolgist as suggested by RA nurse for the rashes on my legs and the painful sores on my feet and toes. ( meds for sores were Triamcinolone and later Flucocinonide) Appointment is scheduled for Dec. 14th. Now it seems that all my rash and sores are all but gone. When I made the appointment I could hardly walk.

So now I have an appointment with the RA and the Dermatologist and actually felt better today than I have in a very loooonnnnngggg time.

Getting an appointment with an RA in my local community is difficult as we only have three so I hate to cancel.

Question is-Should I keep the RA appointment and tell him about my flare or cancel? Not sure how I can get an appointment during a flare unless I go to a local urgent care.

What do you all do?

Feeling better in Oregon,

11-27-2005, 05:11 AM
Wellll..... who knows the best answer!

My opinion is that you should go to the RA. That way you can discuss what happened, how you felt, what brought it on, how you self-treated, etc. If the rheumy says "nest time, walk in my office and I'll MAKE time for you" you'll know that is your best route. You may get a round of tests at this point - as we all know too well, sometimes flares can bring about changes that we may not feel later - but that do need treatment.

SO glad to hear that you ...
1. have a new rheumy
2. are feeling better!