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04-04-2011, 08:33 PM
I had a spinal tap done Friday morning, it went well... but my headache didn't go away. Today I went to the Health Center on campus because of my headache, and they sent me to the Emergency Room.

The ER told me that my spinal fluid was probably leaking (which is not uncommon) and that they would patch it up. They gave me some fluids and a couple hours later I finally got that blood patch done.

Well, to be frank, it hurts like a bitch, and I can't really walk because of the pain in my back. At least the headache is gone!

If anyone has had this procedure done, what do you reccomend to speed the healing process?

04-04-2011, 09:07 PM
Sounds very familer, I had a bad headache about 2 years ago. It lasted 3 days. I went to ER and they gave my a lumbar puncture (they thought I might have had a bleed in my brain and since my father had died of that a few years before they wanted to to the tap) This was good friday, buy the saturday all I could do was lie down the pain in the back of my head was unbelievable. On Sunday I went to Emerg where I was give a blood patch (which had to be done by 3 different docs cause they couldnt get my blood drawn and get the needle in my back) (very traumatizing) Well that one didn;t work. I had to go back for the next 3 days and have it done 4 more times to get the headache to stop. I still had a lingering headache for about a week everytime I stood up. And my lower back killed for almost 2 weeks after. I had such brusing and swelling. Now I hope it is not going to be that bad for you, but I do know it can take a little while for the back to stop hurting even if you don't have as many as I had done. Glad your headache is gone.....


04-05-2011, 09:20 AM
Oh Poor thing! The lumbar puncture is uncomfortable but the patch hurts like h&&*! I was actually kept in the hospital for 3 days because they were running behind on the "patch" department and I had to stay flat! I am glad that I didn't have the issue that Colleen did mine was like yours. Lumbar Puncture.. headache that won't end... back to the hospital and had the patch. Thankfully I had mine done at a Teaching hospital in Houston so they actually were taking x-rays as we went along (machine over my back) to make sure they were going the right way. They said it kept the complications down.

I asked the doctor "why does this hurt so much worse then the LP? He said, bigger needle and we are putting stuff in not taking it out!

As far as healing just make sure you don't lift anything for about 3-4 days. Watch for redness, swelling and/or drainage. They said I could use a heat pad after 48 hours as needed.

Hope that helps! Feel better