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Taff in Oz
11-24-2005, 08:47 PM
Hi my Lupie Friends

Went to pick up my Blood Tests today that were sent to my Dr from the tests my dermatologist done... Good news ! I was told my Liver & Kidney tests came back normal...Sigh of relief....... However he has asked for more blood to be taken for testing for Thrombofilia studies. Along with Sputum MC/S & PCR for atypical respiratory pathogens & cytology..A lot of gobble dee gook... to me anyway.. What it is I have a very bad chest, 3 colds in 3 monhts does not help.. He wants to rule out dangerous/contageous infections in my repiratory tract. And blood test to make sure i have not got thrombosis... Hope the results are as good as my liver and kidney ones..fingers crossed...See my Rheumy for the 1st time on Dec 14.. That day is not coming fast enough, I need to know, and want to know yesterday!! Where I am with Lupus, etc. etc. You all know the feeling....So I know u will understand my anxiety.........
Will keep you all posted step by step...

11-26-2005, 08:42 AM
Hi :lol:
I am glad to hear that someone is dealing with a doctor who is thorough and serious. I wish you the best with your tests!!