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03-17-2011, 06:45 AM
i think i need to clean out my messages, but i can't find anything to click....lol

can someone please help me...thanks.

03-17-2011, 06:57 AM
OK Ladybug.. here is what you do. (Mine may be a little different because my forum is screwed up but I think Inbox is the same.

Go to your inbox and you will see a blank box off to the right. If you just want to get rid of some of them the click on the box it will highlight that message. Once you have them all on that page then click on the word "Selected" and you will see an option to delete.

NO, if you just want to trash an entire folder (Inbox or Sent) then click on Edit Folder and it will take you to a place to trash the entire thing.

Did this help

03-17-2011, 08:13 AM
thanks mari,

i have to get some work done now, so i will try later...the phyllis' inept computer skills saga continues. lol

03-17-2011, 09:07 AM
Did ya git er done Phyllis?

03-17-2011, 03:17 PM
The last few times that I've tried to answer your messages, they have bounced back because of this. I hope that you didn't think that I was ignoring you!

03-17-2011, 07:00 PM
hi guys,

man o man o man....i was about to get my panties all in a wad and tuck my head with hurt feelings. lol lol lol

i kept sending messages, and no one was writing back...i was about to have a serious complex....

don't even know how i found that my inbox was full, but thank goodness i found it out....

sorry guys, thanks for your help once again....now send pms and they won't bounce back...wow, it is hard enough not to bounce checks, now i am bouncing messages from my friends. it is a good thing that ya'll love me for me.

03-17-2011, 07:05 PM
LOL Well that may be why you didn't answer my PM! Here I was trying to figure out if I had made you mad or what.

FYI Everyone... Your Inbox and Sent items need to be emptied from time to time or you will be able to send/recieve new ones until you dump the trash! Ask Phyllis! LOL

03-17-2011, 07:25 PM
oh, mari, i knew that you guys would not be able to resist poking a little fun at me...that is ok, i deserve it.

I did get your message, and i sent you two responses, did you not get them? Also, Rob, i thought you were mad at me because you did not respond to my message, and Marla, i was worried about you.

hey, i hope everyone has figured out by now NOT to ask me about any computer type questions....someone once told me to "drop my cookies", and i almost hit them.....still not real sure what that means.....

when i was in graduate school, we wrote our own computer programs, printed them out on poster size green striped paper, then went to the computer center and had boxes of cards punched....I was a pro at DOS, then computers got smart, started doing their own thinking, and i got left in the wind....guess this is why i don't like the new cars that do all of the thinking for the driver (even though i have one of these "smart cars")...give me an old ford straight shift any day.

03-17-2011, 08:44 PM
Hey Phyllis,
Back in the mid '70s, my boyfriend used to get lost in that huge room full of computers with the green striped papers and punch cards. He would regularly miss lunch dates, so I would bring him a sack lunch. Sigh... I should have known then that I would be a "computer widow" for the rest of my life. The "other woman" has a screen and a keyboard.....

I guess this means that I need to clean out my messages and do some maintenance too, huh?

03-18-2011, 05:59 AM
Also, Rob, i thought you were mad at me because you did not respond to my message,

I was wondering what was wrong, because I never heard a response to my latest message! Hey, don't sweat it, this exact same thing happened to me here a couple of months ago. I think it was Carlotta that finally got me to scroll down to see that my inbox and sentbox were both full.

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