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11-22-2005, 12:19 PM
Hi. My name is Kristie and I'm 37. I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in May after many months of being ill and the doctors dismissing it as everything from "hives" to the flu. I have been very sick, with lots of aches and pains, fatigue, fever, vomiting nearly every day, and depression. I was just married a year ago and my husband and I have been told we cannot have children as it would be too dangerous and detrimental to my kidneys. The day to day pain along with the depression sometimes seems more than I can handle, and there are no support groups in my area (I live in North Dakota). So, I told my husband I would try to find an online group and here I am. Glad to meet you all and thank you for having this forum.

11-22-2005, 01:07 PM
hi kristie,
sorry to hear about your conditions...i bet it's hard...i got diagnosed in march and i'm still trying to learn more about lupus...i'm sorry to hear that you can't have kids because of your condition...i have to say that i'm very blessed and thankful to have 2 kids...my lupus was triggered by my last pregnancy so doctor said no more kids for me!!
anyway, i am also in fargo...i just moved here end of july...we really like it here...but yeah, i don't think there is any support groups in town...we should try to get together...wonder if there is any other lupies around town that we can meet...bet we can start a group here!! that should be helpful!!
well, hope you'll feel better soon...i know the pain can get pretty old...but hey, don't let it get you down...you can get through this...let me know if i can be of any help...if you're interested in getting together, i would love to...just email me a personal message or send an email directly to my email address...you take care and have a wonderful thanksgiving!!