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03-08-2011, 10:43 AM
hello everyone, hope all is well in our LUPIE world!

Have any of you experience dizzy spells? The other day I was standing talking to my co workers and felt like my head was "closing' in on me, I had ringing in my ears and felt as if my eyes were closing in nor really from top to bottom but like if the lense in my pupil was slowly closing, I also felt as if a bucket of hot water had been poured into my brain. My friends all got concerned as I tried to 'shake' it off. They wanted me to call the dr, but I just brushed it off. Ever since I cant stop thinking about it, thats happened a few times before but this was actually the worst.

I have been coughing a lot lately because I have bronchitis YET AGAIN, so I sort of attributed it to that. What do you guys thinK?

03-08-2011, 10:47 AM
I hope that you will mention it to a doctor.

The thing that came to my mind was vertigo. My husband had a case of benign vertigo recently and it hit him all of the sudden and it was like the world was spinning. It was different that being dizzy exactly. He ended up pale as a ghost and some people thought he may be having a heart attack or stroke as it was so frightening for them at work. He ended up seeing an emergency doctor who ruled out other issues. I would strongly suggest that letting a doctor rule it out for you may also be a good idea.
Vertigo can be viral so could be related to your bronchial infection, it can last for several months and can be debilitating.

I have no idea if this is what you felt but again, please mention it to a doctor.

03-08-2011, 01:49 PM
I had something very similar happen just a little over a week ago. I went to work, was feeling fine. Having comfortable conversation with co-workers, then I started feeling hot, nausious and crampy in my abdomin. I thought, "Oh Oh I think I might need to hurry to the bathroom". Nothing happened in there but my work back from the bathroom was scary because that's when it started feeling like my head was getting tight and the movements of my eyes had slowed. I was getting REALLY sick to my stomach then. I got back to my desk and sat down and decided to just NOT MOVE! I sat for over 20 min. like that until a co-worker walked by, looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told him no and he said I looked really bad (pale as a ghost). When I tried to talk I start retching. They called 911, I went to the ER. My blood pressure kept dropping when I sat up or stood up. By the time I got to the hospital they couldn't find a thing! I had just gotten over a kidney infection. But all my blood work looked fine. It was completely weird!!!!! I stayed pale and weak the rest of that day and most of the next. I wish I could tell you what it is. Definitely bring it up with your doc.

03-08-2011, 02:33 PM
Don't you just love all the BULL we have to put up with not really knowing what is it

03-09-2011, 01:59 PM
Make sure you find a safe plce to lie down or sit, just incase you have a syncope. I have been dealing with these for 6 weeks now, resulting in stitches to my eyebrow, chin and 60 staples and surgery to my arm. I have now been able to recognize when this is going to happen and sit down before I get hurt. The docs don't know what is causing them, but they think I'm having a heart arrythmia. I'm now wearing an event recorder for 30 days. I know when I go to the ER they seem to be fine with just sewing me up sending me home and saying follow up with your GP. It finally took 60 staples and 2 1/2 hours of surgery for them to take the passing out thing seriously!! Oh I better stop or I'm going to go on a rant!!! Bottom line contact your doc and be careful!!!

03-09-2011, 02:50 PM
Oh wow, that sucks, hopefully you wont have them anymore.. BTW what is syncope?

03-09-2011, 06:17 PM
Hi Chikititalinda! A syncope is basically a fainting spell. They are very short lived but, as you have read, can cause much harm if you faint at the wrong time or in the wrong place

03-09-2011, 06:52 PM
I'm using my cane tonight for exactly what you're describing. I stand up but am not at all sure I'm going to stay up! I've had vertigo and this is different. This is like the Wizard of Oz where the wicked witch sinks into the floor (if you saw what I looked like tonight, you'd see it's not much of a stretch!). My son even knows the "voice" I use when I'm faint. We have a lot of stairs in our house and I want him close by if we need a 911 call. Praise God I can usually just sit and regroup. Anyway, judging from all of the responses, this is just another wonderful part of this disease!!!

03-14-2011, 05:47 PM
Yes, I've had problems with dizzy spells, An ENT specialist may be a god place to start...if they don't have an answer, they're usually pretty good about pointing you in the right direction from my personal experience.

03-14-2011, 07:37 PM
I have been having major dizzy spells but I think that is all due to the meds I am since they started after I started plaquinel and it says it's a side effect. It's super annoying though and I couldn't imagine if they get worse! I've lost my balance a few times but not enough to fall completely over. Eating food helps when I get them... But again they don't sound like the same as yours... It's still not fun though! I hope yours aren't caused by anything serious and be careful not to fall and hurt yourself!

03-31-2011, 09:20 AM
I've had the ringing in the ears for years and i know i should'nt do it but to get it to stop i used to hit my ears, it sounds like a passing out build up, i can't say 100% but you do need to see a doctor because i'm still passing out now after 25yrs and they can't find the reason but things feel like everything's closing in on you and the next thing your gone.
You need to be very careful especially in certain places incase you do pass out and if it's to do with vertigo you do pass out with that condition as i would'nt like to hear you've hurt yourself.

The ringing as stopped for me now after having a seizure 4yrs ago, where my ear drum bursted open and since then i've suffered for it in other ways by loosing blood from my left ear ENT know about it but nothing can be done apparentley.

So please see a doctor and explain what's going on and i wish you all the best. xxx