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03-07-2011, 07:31 PM
Hi Guys -

For the past two days my lower body is getting more and more weak. Yesterday I had to resort to the cane most of the day just to be sure I didn't have a sudden fall. Then when evening came, I felt better and could make a nice dinner and relax. I could eat - I was still weak but my gastro track was working a lot better. This morning I woke up and felt very "flu-ish". I was nauseous and exhausted and so weak. I spent most of the day sleeping which is something I almost never do. I'll sleep in in the morning but always stay up until at least 10:30pm. Tonight my legs have that "falling asleep" feeling and even my hands and arms are weak. I read that SLE can attack the tissue in your spinal cord and compress it and since I already have that to a certain extent from an injury, I wonder if that might be what's going on. Does anyone have any experience with this? If I'm still wobbly tomorrow, I'll be on the phone with the doc. I have appointments I have to keep tomorrow (doctor related) and really don't want to drive like this in case my feet go numb. What a bother!

Thanks for any help you can offer. : D

03-07-2011, 07:50 PM
I'm sure someone will be along w/more "technical" info for you, but before I got my diagnosis when I was at my worst I had severe weakness. It was so bad at times that I could barely walk at all. I slept alot during the day, which is very rare for me & yet even if forced myself to stay awake during the day could not sleep at night until extremely late. My one arm was also really weak and hurt.
Are you on any meds? I would definitely call the doctor. Hope you do feel better tomorrow! ((HUGS))

03-07-2011, 08:00 PM
Hi Lauren - Yes, my one arm is really weak and hurts - it's funny that you say that because it's so right on. I am on meds, but not Lupus meds. Believe me, tomorrow will be appointments get set and even travel arrangements (medical transport) will get set. The weakness is just the finally straw. I just can't handle having anything more pile up on top of all that's going on now. One morning I'm going to wake up and not be able to move! I also noted the infamous "frothy" urine that represents protein leaving the kidneys. Like I said, time to make my next appointment!