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03-03-2011, 02:05 AM
Hey guys,

I went to my gp today for a wellness check up. I knew I have been having really high blood pressure, so I was really looking forward to having this check up. When I got to the dr my bp was 176/110. The dr was very concerned about this reading and ordered a whole slew of tests: cbc, metabolic, thyroid, adrenal and kidney blood work. He also ordered a renal artery ultrasound, but the soonest they could get me in for it is next thursday, the 10th. The dr is concerned that my lupus could be causing thyroid and kidney issues, so I have to go back on monday to get the lab results and some medicine. The only bad thing is I've been nursing my son since he was born, and I wasn't ready to wean him yet. The dr said the only bp meds he could give me while nursing would not be strong enough to get my bp to normal ranges, so I have to wean my son by monday. Im really sad about this, but I know I need to get my bp under control. I was really hoping to nurse him until he was a year, but I guess six and a half months is good for someone with all my health issues. I've been off ALL my medicine since I found out I was pregnant, so its been almost 15 months with absolutely nothing for the lupus, fibro, and epilepsy. I guess if you look on the bright side, we (me, my husband, and my ob) all feared I wouldn't be able to nurse him more than a month bc of all the health issues so almost 7 months is pretty good I guess. Its just discouraging that I can't keep nursing him bc of my health issues. It's so frustrating sometimes that these illnesses keep us from so much and I just get tired of it some times. Im trying very hard to stay positive, but that's a connection I have with my son that no one else has. We both enjoy him nursing so much, and I know its gonna be difficult on both of us. Does anyone understand what im talking about? I have been debating taking methotrexate as soon as I can get to a rheumatologist, so I knew i'd have to wean him before I started it, I just wasn't expecting it to happen so abruptly. I absolutely refuse to take prednisone again bc last time it took 8 months for it and the plaquenil to make any difference in my awful flare, I gained over 100 lbs, and I was sick all the time. It was awful. I was on scary high doses and it didn't seem to make a difference, so I decided that I wont do that again. I want something different. I've been exploring my other options, and I really wanna try the mtx or an equivalent. Im in so much pain lately, that just picking up my son is agonizing. Walking to the bathroom is a chore, and shopping or walking long distances is completely out of the question. My hair is falling out in chunks again, and I have a rash on my face, arms and legs. My muscles, bones and joints all ache constantly, and I can't remember what it feels like to not have pain. My bp is through the roof, and my kidneys are involved again. I need something strong that will work quickly, not take 8 months. Everyone that take mtx, do you still take plaquinil, do you still take pain meds, or is that all you take. Okay, enough rambling. Its 3 am and I have my first class back on campus in over a year tomorrow night. Hopefully the pain will subside enough for me to rest until 6 or 7 when my son wakes up. Have a great day everyone! God bless.


03-03-2011, 05:15 AM
Hi Amanda,

I do understand about wanting to nurse your baby, but you need to get this high BP under control. You also need help with your pain and that can only be done if you stop nursing.
I couldn't nurse at all, I have three children and never had enough milk to feed my children. I did try everything possible, nursing classes, special diet, anything, but I did not have enough milk. I have even rented a pump, but the most I would get out of both breasts was barely enough to cover the bottom of the bottle, I talking just drops of milk.
So all three of my children are bottle fed and did just fine.
I was just recently put on MTX and my rheumy had me stop the plaquenil and all other meds. I can take pain meds if I absolutely have to, but because of my liver problems I try and go just with MTX.
Take care of your body, so that you can take care of your sweet little baby. ( Just a motherly advice, the same a would give my daughters.)


03-03-2011, 07:57 AM
I'm sure Marla will be along soon - she was a lactation specialist and with 5 kids I know she will be able to give you some good advice too. I just wanted to say that as much as it hurts your heart to have to stop right now, this will be a good thing overall. Let's look at some positives.
1. Your BP will be controlled
2. The first thing means your son will have you around for much longer then he would if it weren't controlled
3. Your husband can now share the feedings - that means he can get up at 3am!
4. He also has a new chance to bond with your son in a way that he couldn't before
5. Sooner or later you were going to have to do this and, thankfully, it's been much much later than you thought so you've been blessed in that way already
6. You can still feed him breast milk and he can still get all the good nutrients and vitamins and minerals that only you can provide him - just in a different way.
7. All the people who come to meet your new son (especially his grandparents and aunts and uncles) have all been really jealous that they can't feed him and now they will be able to do so too.
Hope this helps a little.

03-03-2011, 08:28 AM
I couldn't have said it better than Sandy. You have to take care of yourself if you want to take care of your kids. Unless you get this under control you won't be here to do anything for them

03-03-2011, 11:00 AM
I just realized that 6 probably isn't true because of the meds so the new # 6-
6. If he's 6mos old he's probably getting ready or already ready for fruits and cereals at this time - which you can make at home if you want them extra fresh - and which are loaded with lots of good vitamins and minerals.