View Full Version : Lack of sleep, not what you need.

02-24-2011, 02:51 PM
One of the best things for feeling better with Lupus is getting the required amount of sleep. Its abit contradicting when you have to use Prednisolone, which keeps you awake like mad, even when your dead tired. Once again my parents are asleep while I was awake 2 hours ago doing nothing but waiting for sunlight, because I knew I had no hope of getting back to sleep, unless I got knocked out in the boxing ring. My eyes are droopy, my body aches, my mind isnt even awake..everything that should mix well with being able to go to sleep, however its a massive battle to shut off thanks to steroids. Its just so frustrating. My sleeping patterns return to normal when I get to 5mg, but who knows when I can get back there. Sleep is brilliant.

02-24-2011, 03:34 PM
You're so right and even when I do sleep it isn't restful sleep. I awaken a couple of times an hour and have terrible dreams that wake me up when I do sleep. My latest problem has been unbearable pain when I lay down. It starts in my lower stomach and back and runs down the front and sides of my legs. No matter what position I'm in there isn't any relief and it's impossible to sleep through. It's so bad I may have to ask the doctor for morphine which I hate the thought of doing but I'm exhausted! I hope you find relief hating_the_pred and I'm right there with you.

02-24-2011, 04:35 PM
I can't take steroids, but my sleep is still messed up. I wake up about every two hours all night with my legs spasming and hurting or my hips aching when I try to turn over.
Melatonin makes me sleep a little better, but I don't like to take it every night.
It also doesn't help that I sleep next to Darth Vader with his CPAP machine!
I guess we're all doomed to less sleep than normal human beings.

02-24-2011, 07:59 PM
The only good thing that comes out of having fibromyalgia is that I get a good medicine to help me sleep. Sleep is so important and I haven't slept well in several years

02-24-2011, 08:19 PM
Sleep what is that??? I have not had a good nights sleep in 3 years and before that it was like 10 years due to pregnancys and babies!!! The steroids are sleep killers. But one thing I have found that helps me get a few hours of shut eye is making sure I don't take them to late in the day, the earlier the better!! I find the side effect of insomnia less then. Also the doc gave me Imovane 7.5 mg I take 1 every night. That way I get at least 3hrs of solid sleep, then it gets broken. I don't endorse sleeping pills, however for me they are a necessary so I can at least function somewhat normally throughtout the day!!

02-24-2011, 09:13 PM
I've developed a paradoxical response to all benzos, anti-histamines and sleeping pills. Anything that relaxes me and it does the opposite. I can't even have local anesthesia. When I had my endoscopy I had to have it under a general anesthesia. It really scares me because that's the first thing doctors give a patient when they have an allergy or are in distress and I just hope I'll be able to tell them not to. I have a medical key chain but doubt they would look at it. Heck they didn't even look at the bright red "allergy" band I had on in the hospital and almost gave me both of them. Good thing I asked what I was being given!! I would LOOOVE a good nights sleep!