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02-19-2011, 05:29 AM
I have so much going on with me with all the lupus, sjorgrens and cns vasculitis & etc, Till when I gave you all my rummy update on where she was getting on the ball with my professors treatment plan and appointment's,
and i was so excited about my appt's had finaly been sceduled, i think
I forgot to mention that i have what i thought was a very bad fingernail
fungus i thought was from the ryanuad's and within the last few months i statred getting these lines under my nails.
Lines look like splinters under the nail and start out redish purpleish, then turn black, well when my pcp looked at my hand's as he and they all do at every visit i had put fake nails on them to cover them up as my nails were so ugley and black looking.
Till i looked it up online and it said thery were caled splinter hemorrhages,
common in mostly lupus, ryanuad's infection of heart valve , vasculitis and lot's of other serious underlying diseases.
Any way that day I took my gloves off and showed my rummy my nails, and
I just ask her what is this going on with my nails and i just sat there while she looked all puzzled ans my hands were bright red as usual white, and cold as a popcycle with the ugley black lines! She said this is a fungus probley caused by your autoammuine diseases. So I looked at her and ask
this is not caused by the ryanuad's i said i dont want to loose my fingers on top of everything else i have going on? She said no! this is a nail fungus
and you need to go see your dermatologist.
So here we go again, she is supose to specialize in reumatology and diseases of it and always pushing me off on another dr. to dr what she spcializes in!

So she had her nurse call me with an appt with my dermatologist, that thur
any way my insurance com got messed up and another com added itself
becuse i didnt understand and thought i wasent to reply if i wanted to keep it the same, so my dermatologist didnt sign with this new co insuance co.
So i went to see my PCP that ive been useing for the past 17 yr's or so
at the after housr clinic till i can get my reg insurance back as of march 1st.

Went yesterday 2-18-11 he examened my hands & fingernails i told him my ins got messed up and rummy wanted me to see my dermatologist and my situation, he look's and before he walked out of the room with a scrapeing of
my finger nail's to do a test in lab to see if it was a nail fungus,
He said this is what you call Nail SPLINTER HEMORRHAGE'S He said in his 20 so years of doctering he's only saw it maby twice of three times and he go's
to a lot of the forren countrys and devotes free doctoring and time and med's to help the poor countrys so i know he has saw and been around a lot of different diseases and situations.H e said let me send this sample to the lab & i be back. when he came back with the lab result's it was not a fungus
test was negative for any fungus it is the Splinter Hemorrhages.

And with his best guess he said he belives it is the lupus causeing it as im
still in a very bad flair, But he also explaned it is kinda rare to have the
splinter hemorrhages, dr's dont see much of it at all hardly, he also told me
not to get scared it will come and go with the sle attacking my system so badly, he also explaned splinter hemorrhages are also seen it lot's of other diseases he says a long list of them , he listen to my chest & heart as it also is a sign of cant spell it but Endocardist where inflamation gets in your heart valves? He said heart sound ok and if its encarodist you are so weak and sick you have to be hospitalized for weeks , so said it was not my heart.
I also had the yeast infection again rampid through my body due to takeing the predisone, bleeding toung and painful stomach and all.

SO he give me med's for the yeast again and refills and said as long as i
on the pred i will have to fight the yeast inf. And that was the last STRAW
with my rumatologist here that is supose to be takeing the orders of my lupus specialist at the university, LOL!!!!!!!!!! No wonder im in the shape im in
I thank GOD for the one right thing she did and that was
Sending me to the UNIVERSITY when she told me she didnt know what else top do with me, That i was too complicated, and too much going on.

YOU have to be your own avocate for your own health! And it's so sad
i dont trust but very few of the dr's. Then i still double check. I will see my dermatologist in march also see my lupus specialist at the university in a few week's. IM sure this new splinter hemprrhages is gonna run me throught he mill and back again to figure out whats causeing it?
Love you all lot's Thank's for letting me vent!! excuse my spelling & typo's
Hope you all have a great pain free wekend!!! BIG HUG'S TO ALL
~ Diane~

02-19-2011, 10:19 AM
Hello Diane,
Omg mate what a right cock up on her telling you it was fungus and you was dreading it being just that, she's not got a clue what she's doing, no wonder your ill and all over the place but to have the Splinter Haemorrages sounds just as bad but lets hope it does go like the specialist says because you have been worried about your fingers i do know that.
I can't believe the yeast infection is back after just leaving you and you was ill with that, it's like it's coming from all direction's at you.

Diane even though they've given you medication again for the yeast and the splinters should ease if the lupus does, do you think they'll still want you in hospital because i hope for your sake it does'nt come to it.

It's like you've been given good hope towards being sorting with specialist and then bang your being kicked back again.

Diane i do hope your ok the best you can be mate and the imuran is'nt giving you to much trouble either after you said the affects had eased a little, rest up well mate & have a nice weekend the best you can.

Always thinking about you dearly and you know that but really am shocked at the mess up again.

Loads of love & hugs to you dear friend xxxxxxxxxxx

02-19-2011, 11:38 AM
Hi Diane;
I am so sorry to hear that your rheumatologist is still in the dark ages and does not seem to want to do anything to educate herself in order to be proficient in her profession. Instead, she'd rather pass everyone off who presents any type of challenge.
Luckily, you PCP seems to be much more enlightened that this "so called" professional and was able to give you answers and to put your mind at ease a bit.
I am glad that the splinter hemorrhages have nothing to do with your heart and I do hope that you are able to get to the bottom of exactly what is causing them.
You are absolutely right...you MUST be your own advocate! You must continue to educate yourself so that you can education the health professional who is supposed to be working WITH YOU in the best interest of your health. Perhaps the next time that you see her, you might think about reminding her of that :-) As I've said previously, keep yourself educated so that you can insist that your doctor provide adequate care, not dismiss you, and stop passing you off. Most of all, so that you can insist that your doctor listen to you, take you seriously, and be as conscientious about your health as you are.
I wish you the very best :-)

Peace and Blessings