View Full Version : Finally something happy!

12-19-2010, 02:10 PM
First let me say that it has been a really bad few days! You know those days when everything that can go wrong does? I have felt bad, my daughter has been dealing with her own health issues, my SS was denied, we had a transformer blow in town and it took out my magic jack which means I don't have a home phone and then yesterday evening I had a seizure and when I was finally back in my right mind I couldn't find my cell phone!

After looking and looking my daughter mentioned that she had put it on top of the car when I was having my issues (I was in the car). The bad part of this is that she had gone to the store after that and apparently the phone had still been on top of the car! So last night we go out driving looking for the phone and the only thing we find is my sunglasses smashed to bits on the street. I called AT&T and had the phone suspended in case it happened to survive the drop off the car no one could run the bill up.

So this morning I have the phone turned back on and still can't find it! About 11am I signed up for a Family Locating service with AT&T and located my phone at a house about 3 blocks down the road! Of course I march (well, ok, walk slowly) down there and not a soul there speaks English and no one has my phone. Then they begin to point a finger at George who is at work so we then go to George's work and he says he has no idea (once again, through a translator). Yes, I am hard headed enough that I went BACK to the house and the original man was gone and again they have no idea where the phone is!

Sooooo.. I head back home and check the GPS location on the phone again, print it out and call the police. The wonderful police officer comes over, goes to the house with the map, and delivers my phone to me!!!! Yay!!!

Isn't it amazing how one good thing can make you feel great after a few days of rotten events? I just had to share the good news!