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12-09-2010, 10:43 AM
Ok I have been on the antibiotic now 3 days(its the 5 day dose of Zithromax)and I usually only take the anti-inflammatories at night so I can sleep because it hasn't really hurt much during the day with the pleurisy. However, last night out of nowhere it started hurting again upon breathing and was more on the side of my ribs than in my back. Then this morning it was gone again and now I have it hurting in my back more up into my shoulder blade. Does pleurisy move around often like this and should it be gone by now having been on the antibiotics? I know that it is not the infection but a "side effect" from the pneumonia I have but you would think being on the antibiotics that the pneumonia getting better would make this better and not keep switching back and forth. I guess my question is does it just take longer to get better than I anticipated, or could the pleurisy be from lupus itself and not the infection and just be coincidental that it occurred with the pneumonia? I have also been having bouts on and off of lupus symptoms in general each day. They will come and go within a day its quite strange really. Last night I was sitting down and all of the sudden got a cold chill and almost started to sweat and got super weak/tingly and had some burning pain etc. It happened in a matter of seconds and when I woke up this morning my fingers and face were puffy and I was stiff but what I had last night was gone. Any ideas? Not sure what to make of it I guess considering this is the first bout of pneumonia/pleurisy ive had since ive had lupus. Thanks. *hugs* -Lupie Britt

12-09-2010, 11:34 AM
When I get pneumonia the position that I sleep in is telling. I can't breathe if I lay flat on the bed. I usually prop myself into a slant position so i can breathe. I'm not saying that it's related; but who knows could be.

Hugs and hopes that you feel better soon
Twitchy Nonna

Angel Oliver
12-13-2010, 02:31 PM
Im sorry you are going through this.Ive had a chest infection which i also got antibiotics for,but like you the pain was horrid.I sit upright with pillows everywhere.Make sure you go back to the doctor to be checked if you are still in pain.I did and have severe asthma now and broncitus,coughing cough cough lol.Im back on big dose of antibiotics ,steriods n nebuliser.Go get checked just in case.Let me know how you are feeling today.Hey i also look like Father Christmas as steriods have made my entire stomach and abdomen HUGE i look like im having triplets lol...hurts to bend forward and i feel like im gonna pop.Do you have the swelling problem on the steriods too?If i fell over id roll lol.
get well soon.
lots of love

12-19-2010, 06:29 PM
pleurisy is very common with lupus. the pain is due to the fact that, outside of and surrounding your lungs is tissue that is not nessesarily infected (although antibiotics are usually prescribed, even if just profilactcly), but , due to inflamation, every time you breathe, your lung(s) rub against this inflamed tissue. its the 'rub' that causes the pain. anti inflammatories are your true savior here, with the antibiotics there to kill infection if it's present, or stop it from developing. usually, it will take 3 to 7 days for the pain to cease. if the pain is in the front of your chest, you can ease it by leaning over the back of a couch or something else about that high, and try to get comfortable and stay there awhile. if the pain is in your side or back, i recommend hot baths, or laying on a heating pad turned to low or medium.
if you are new to lupus, get it firmly in your head and accept that you will have all kinds of symptoms, and that they can persist, or change direction on a dime. sometimes you won't know what you'll feel like tomorrow, much less in the next hour! try to stay mentally and emotionally light on your feet, and keep your sence of humor readily available ;-)!

Angel Oliver
12-20-2010, 06:28 PM
OMG i just saw this again......how are you? Can you believe i have pleurisy now.Hurts like hell and yes moves around.One day my left side all crackling when i breath,the next im clear.I go hot and sweat like mad and feel sick.I dont cough for an hour...then im coughing but trying to hold it in as it hurts to take just one single breath.I sleep sat up,on my side,on the sore side so when i breath it wont expand my chest as much. There is no comfort so far!
I had 2 lots of antibiotic one with penicillin (amoxilin then amoxiclav) plus im on the 3rd lot of steriods so i AM the real slim Christmas lol....huge belly.Chest is tender to touch...i live in my pj's so far.
Let me know how you are.I hope you contacted your doctor as this flippin well hurts lol.I hope you are feeling a little better....i hear ya!!!
Sending you non touch gentle hugs.....as it hurts:) Oh and yes hot bath was so nice,but i was unable to lie back....so took the advice of the hot water bottle....thanks....soothing:)xx
lots of love