View Full Version : I am gonna claw my face off. Ugh.

11-13-2010, 07:59 PM
Hi Everybody..
I am having the worst deal with sores on my face lately. I have about 4 on my left lower cheek/jawline... one just appeared. Three on my chin. One near my eyebrow. I feel like a walking plague. It's embarrassing, annoying.. Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a paper bag on my head. They hurt, they itch to high heavens... anyone else get any like this?? Mine are like blisters, then open and look like small pencil eraser circles that take forever to go away. It's so hard not to scratch at them.
Sometimes I just feel so gross with this stuff. I am so grateful for makeup and understanding family members. Love you guys!

11-13-2010, 10:30 PM
Do your little sores form flakes before they heal? I've been having the same thing around my mouth and chin since July. Also, my scalp sores have been coming back. My rheumy in Texas said that the scalp sores were psoriasis. They went away after she started me on Methotrexate.
According to what I found online, I thought that the sores around my mouth might be psoriasis, too. My PCP agreed and prescribed a hydrocortisone cream. He told me that the antibiotic cream that I had been using was just making it worse.
When I pointed it out to the rheumy, she laughed and said "you read too much". She told me to use the antibiotic cream! I really think that I need a higher dose of the MTX, but she won't listen to that.
Anyway, I tried her antibiotic cream and it got worse again. I've found that I can keep it under control if I keep my face moisturized and use the hydrocortisone cream sparingly.
Hope this ramble helps!

11-14-2010, 08:53 AM
OMG I just love this place! Ya'll make me feel less alone.

I am dealing with the mouth sores right now and they drive me insane however the absolute worst are the blisters I get on my scalp, neck and face! They are hard, red and weep. They are more like boils for me. They hurt and are not psoriasis. I get like 7 or 8 at a time and the doctor said they look like staph (although he didn't test he just set up an appointment with a dermatologist but they didn't have an appointment for 2 months and by then it was gone). I understand the plague comment because that is exactly how I feel.

11-17-2010, 07:29 PM
Let's see.. they do peal and flake somewhat.. they take forever to heal. I am using a rx strength cortisone cream and it seems to help more that the antibiotic ointment I was using before that. I get the sores on my arms as well. They are finally looking better as I am not wearing short sleeves as often now that it is colder out. Dang sun.. one of my neighbors call me "Vampire Deb" because I try to avoid the sun at all costs. :)
Marla: The antibx stuff made mine worse too. I found keeping moisturized helps too.
tgal: One of the reasons I love this site too is knowing we are not alone with these strange symptoms/syndromes/ and the feelings that go along with them. :)