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11-04-2010, 08:13 PM
Low WBCs and high EOS' since starting Imuran on 9/10/10. My PCP just called with the results and said he'd be mailing a copy of the results to my rheumy.

He didn't think the rheumy would stop the Imuran based on the liver enzyme levels (range is 140-145 and I'm 160-162). WBC is 3.0 (4.3-11.0 is normal and EOS range is normal to 5, I believe).

I'm so very exhausted in the evening that I can't keep the eyes open much past 8:00 and I am having a hard time waking in the morning.

Oh, and my gastroparesis is rearing its ugly head, too.

Anyone else have issues with elevated liver enzymes?

11-04-2010, 09:03 PM
I'm sorry to hear that - you had been so hopeful about the Imuran.
I'm guessing that it must be somewhat like the Methotrexate that I'm taking. My former rheumy was keeping a very close watch on my liver function because I'm taking it. She had me going in for a quick check very 8 weeks. My current rheumy doesn't seem too concerned about it - she only sees me every 6 months, and this last appointment she didn't even give me paperwork for any bloodwork before my Feb. appointment.

You are so lucky to have docs that are on top of what is going on with you, seem willing to cooperate with each other and share the info with you! At this last appointment, mine told me that my blood work was "great", but wouldn't share any results with me, not even my cholesterol number! I'm still angry!

I hope that they can find a med that works for you. You're on Plaquenil, aren't you? Has the rheumy tried you on MTX? I've found that the combo of those two has helped me with the fatigue a lot. I had so much energy today, I damp-mopped all of my wood floors! Now I'm tired and sore.

11-05-2010, 09:56 AM
Your current rheumy sounds like a quack! Not sharing your lab results? What's she afraid of.........oh, that's right, you're the patient that reads too much. Yes, an educated patient is a pain in her arse. She can't pat you on the head and send you on your way and collect her unjustified "extended OV fee". Nope. She'd have to earn it by answering questions.

My last PCP, who I'd been with for eight years, was less than convinced that I had SLE, and had poisoned my recs with her doubts. I found another PCP after my hospitalization in April and he's very willing to work with my rheumy. He asked why I was seeing a rheumy in SF. When I explained her connection to my motility specialist, he understood. He wasn't a jerk about it in the least--just curious.

I'm taking 400 mg of Plaquenil now--reduced from 600 mg after starting the Imuran. I feel like I've had my butt kicked. Damp mopping? Ha! I'm going to be lucky if I get the toilets scrubbed and the linens changed this weekend. Otherwise, I'm holding down the bed/couch and watching racing (DH controls the remote) and sleeping.

I'm already dreading Monday.

11-08-2010, 08:06 PM
How are you feeling today?
The damp-mopping knocked me on my can for a day. Jeff is great about sweeping (he does it to clear his mind after studying), but he seems to have an aversion to using the Swiffer, so sometimes a girl's gotta to what a girl's gotta do!
He's been cramming non-stop for his written exams all weekend. He took a four hour exam today and will take another one tomorrow.
We'll both be drunk as skunks by this time tomorrow evening!