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10-17-2010, 08:05 PM
My mother spent a couple more days with my husband and I after the wedding (see my post in Lauri's Lounge) and then she went to my brother's home to spend time with his family. I went to work for two days and then it hit. The meltdown from all of the stress from the past few months: my Dad's illness/death; a nasty confrontation with my brother's wife the day of my Dad's funeral; my husband's daughter claiming she wants nothing to do with him; my son's wedding, etc.

I cannot digest food again. Gastroparesis (GP) is rearing its ugly head--which is the first sign of a flare for me. One week prior to the wedding was my period and I had a migraine every single day. Nothing would erradicate the pain. All I could think of was "thank God this will be over by the day of the wedding." The headaches have pretty much abated but I am so nauseous I can't even look at food without wanting to throw up. I have to say, it's not been like this before. When I first had symptoms of GP in November of 2005, I didn't have much nausea at all. I ate and would vomit. Later, the tests showed that my stomach wasn't stretching to accommodate food. So I learned to eat smaller portions and avoid foods that I had a hard time digesting like milk and meat, especially during a flare.

When I was diagnosed with SLE and SjS, it began to make sense why I felt I was having GP "flares." I think GP flaring is a precursor to a SLE/SjS flare or at least a more obvious sign of a SLE/SjS flare. My eyes and mouth have been drier. I haven't noticed any changes in joint pain, but I did change my Plaquenil dosage last month from 600 mg to 400 mg and added Imuran to the mix.

I'm just kinda bummed because I'd been doing so well with my tummy problems for such a long time (nearly a year)and had lost weight the heatlhy way. I don't want to gain any back with a high carb diet (because carbs are easily digested) and I don't want to lose too much, which is a serious potential problem with GP. I am finally back to the "Normal" BMI range and darn it! I don't want all that work to get undone. Plus, I don't have a lot of sick time banked at work and it's very difficult to work when you feel like you're going to vomit.

Thanks for letting me vent. I just needed an ear and a shoulder to let it out.

10-17-2010, 10:10 PM
Vent away! I can't imagine trying to work and being about to vomit. They'd send me home because when I get sick... I get sick and can't hold back! They'd send me home and have to go home themselves to clean up!
Sounds like you have had a rough time and that is always tuff with this disease. It makes the tuff times even worse by aggravating something else. I have a lot of stomach problems so I can sympathize with your problems.
I also take Imuran and Plaqunil. I take prednisone too.
You vent all you want to.
You have had a lot of stress in the last bit... Try to take care of yourself. Billie

10-18-2010, 11:16 AM
Hey girl,
Take good care of yourself. Do you have a good gastro doc who can help you with this? You have had a lot of stress in a very sort time. I wish that you could take some vacation time and go somewhere alone with your hubby to do something that you love doing.
My Meg has had a similar couple of months. Tyler's grandfather passed away two weeks ago, so Meg had to deal with all of the stressed family. Her body reacted, too. Her kidney stones came back. She had surgery for it again on Friday.
I think that we all have a bodily reaction to stress. Some of us have a harder time with it than others.
Do something nice for yourself, and get better!
Lots of Hugs,

10-18-2010, 06:08 PM
Thanks for the support Billie and Marla.

I've got an excellent GI here in the Capital City and a motility specialist in the Bay Area if things start getting out of control and I won't hesitate to call upon them, if necessary. In the meantime, I have Zofran to help me through the rough spots. I am determined to end 2010 on a positive note.

I'm so sorry to hear that Tyler's grandfather passed away. It's heartwrenching for these guys to lose their PaPa's--especially if they were close. For Meg to take on everyone's stress and have to endure surgery and pain due to kidney stones....poor girl. Please extend my sympathy for the family's loss and get well wishes to her.

This year has taught me so much about the value of friendships, good health and that life is just too short. If it's been a while since you've called someone that you care about, do it today because you may not have a tomorrow. And, if you don't have a will or a durable power of attorney get it done ASAP. Otherwise, someone may be making decisions for you that you wouldn't want making decisions for your pet.