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10-13-2010, 08:44 PM
hi everyone well mikaela went back to neurologist at childrens hospital today she now needs sleep studies for either sleep apnea or some form of narcolepsy they think or she definetly has some form of a sleep disorder her balance and coordination problems are combination of aspergers and maybe her sleep disorder, her depression and anxiety and behaviour issues are stemming from bullying and aspergers she was threatened again and now says she doesn,t care anymore she will just take the beatings neuro not happy is writing letter to school she has suffered numerous beatings and 3 concussions this year if things do not improve he wants us to transfer her to another school this is very difficult because she is a special needs child a there are only a number of schools in the area with the special support units. we have called school again and all they say we will look into the situation. with her epilepsy she cannot afford blows to the head, she is also suffering from low iron levels. fainting spells, and high uric acid content which is strange as we donot eat much redmeat nuero says she may have to also take salt tablets. she has had 10 bouts of tonsilitis this year still they will not remove her tonsils she is on anti depressant fluvoxitine sees councellor weekly and she also is mildly intellectual impairment it is quite a stressful situation. ontop of that my husband stephens short term memory is becoming extremely worse i have to remind him to drink his tea or coffee eat his food, he repeats himself over and over and has to be reminded constantly about medication he walks around the house trying to remember what he is suppose to be doing he can get quite irritable at times i think dementia is worsening his sleep apnea is not good. it is so hard for me to remember with my lupus as well as trying to deal with his issues and mikaelas i am so terribly worn out i just want to run away and hide sometimes it is overwhelming at the moment. thanks for listening to my crazy rants hugs kim l

10-14-2010, 01:21 PM
Hi Kim;
I am beginning to feel that it may be time for you to take some legal action against the school AND against the parents of these children who continually bully and brutalize your daughter. There has to be some legal avenues that you can take advantage of in order to protect her and to make the school step up and do what they are supposed to do...protect her!!
I abhor bullies..there is a big push to try to understand them! I don't care what their lives might be like or how they may be suffering, what they are doing is criminal and I think that they should be treated as such. Bullies have caused too many children to consider (and in fact, carry out) suicide! I think that schools, and the parents of these bullies, should be held responsible for any injury (Physical or Emotional) suffered by a victim of bullies. Since your daughter's doctor is also upset and willing to writ a letter, you may have a stronger case. Especially if her prior injuries (concussions etc.) are documented.
I am so sorry that she is suffering so much and feels as if she just wants to give up. I wish that I could be at her school with her so that I could dish out some "kick a#!" to the bullies and so that I could slap the teachers and the administrators dead in their mouths for not doing their jobs!
I wish you both the very best, you are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Peace and Blessings

10-14-2010, 09:03 PM
Hi Kim,
Well, I guess we all just found out that we don't want to get on the bad side of SaySusie!!! I have to say that I would be right there with her. I guess we're a pair of "Momma Cats" who can get very protective about our young.
Know that we're all here supporting you, Kim. Take a deep breath and take care of yourself, as well as everybody else.
Gentle Hugs,

Angel Oliver
10-15-2010, 05:16 AM
Oh Kim,
I too think i agree with Saysusie and this school sounds disgraceful!!! I so hope you know im thinking of you both and so hope she gets the help soon and that school gets their act together.
lots of love

10-15-2010, 05:27 AM
I feel so sorry for Mikaela, she already has so much on her plate, and now she has to deal with these low life bullies.
There has to be something, that can be done for her.


Linda From Australia
10-15-2010, 05:34 AM
mmmm .... as a teacher, I try to deal with classroom conflict as soon as I become aware of it. But to be bashed up 3 times, now that really is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. I would really like to see what the school had put into place to deal with this. Leaving school to go to another school really is no option at times, so something really needs to be done urgently. Kim is the other student in the Special Needs Unit, or in the Mainstream school?

10-15-2010, 10:49 PM
hi linda some are in special unit some not all they get is suspension and warneed by police and all i get is mikaela has aspergers and she cannot let some comments go and she retalliates with words and the teachers keep on tellingme mikaela needs to try to ignore comments but some of these comments are extremely hurtful and she finds them hard to ignore they have tried putting her in safe areas or keeping her isolated in class or having social behaviour classes but these kids think this is a joke or the teachers will say sorry it is her word against there.s and they are putting these vicious attacks on youtube i have asked that mobile phones not be allowed in school but they have been told by goverment that this restricting students rights what about mikaelas right not to be filmed by bullies bashing her i know mikaela has social behaviour issues to to her disability and in no way do i claim that she is a angel but she does not deserve to be bullied and be viciously beaten why should mikaela leave school these children should be made to leave the parents of these girls just think this is a joke and mikaela should just get a backbone but when she attempts to protect herself she gets punished or placed on suspension when i told them i was going to get her taught self defense they told me if she retaliated she would be the one in trouble they said she should go and report abuse to them but when she does they tell her to go away and stop dobbing she just cannot win transferring may be my only choice or attempting home school which i do not think i am well enough to do. thanks kim l

Linda From Australia
10-16-2010, 12:21 AM
Surely Mikaela's teachers realise that the nature of autism means that she will only see black and white. She functions and operates in cause and effect situations. If someone does her wrong, something has to happen. Of course she cannot ignore comments made to her, regardless if they are positive or negative. Also, when people say she should have a back bone, people who have autism do not know how to defend themselves and ignore perpetrators of aggression. If someone says something nasty, they either get angry because they know it is a lie, or they believe what is said about them.

There is also the issue of anxiety. If Mikaela feels nervous around certain people, and realise that there is a high risk that she may behave inappropriate around them, she may find it extremely difficult to control her behaviour. Then she may feel disappointed that she has gotten herself into trouble, therefore she has failed AGAIN. This is a HUGE vicious cycle. In her eyes, there is no end in sight. She possibly feels that things will always be the same, or even get worse. Again, in her eyes, there is no solution.

Learning self defence will be a good idea so she could learn to block her aggressors, but not so much how to fight back. However, you will have to be very selective with the instructor you choose, making sure he knows what you would like her to be taught. Particularly defence lessons, blocking and stopping people from hurting her. It will be of no benefit for her to learn how to attack other people. That will surely get herself into huge trouble because she doesn’t have the foresight to see when she should use her skills.

Attending social behaviour classes, though have their merits and benefits, they do not teach people how to behave appropriately in context. It would be valuable if someone at the school can be on duty when and where Mikaela is so they can give her advice on the spot. If she is registered with Disability services they can access funding for a social trainer to come to the school a number of times and give her on the spot training to give her specific skills.

Kim I hope some solutions can be found so Mikaela can stay at her school where she is familiar, and possibly have friends. There is a risk that moving schools will further aggravate her anxiety and she may exhibit these behaviours at home making life even more difficult for you.

How old is Mikaela? If she is old enough to leave school, you could place her in Post School Options, which is an alternative to employment program, where she can go on outings and learning important skills to function in life. They have great activities organised, and she will make new friends. The most positive thing about post school options, is that the staff are trained to deal with people with disabilities, especially autism.

I found a NSW web site that you may find helpful:

Information about this process is available from the Post School Programs Information Line on 1800 761 030 or the ADHC website www.adhc.nsw.gov.au
Also you can contact the:

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
PO Box 361 Forestville NSW 2087
Ph: (02) 8977 8300 Fax: (02) 8977 8399

Hopefully you can start to see some options for Mikaela as she gets older.

10-16-2010, 10:00 AM
Kim i hope that things will soon improve for you and your family. These kids are low life bullies and by doing this they think it will make them feel better about themselves. I think that maybe the whole student body should have a class on how to relate to people who are different than they are because of ilnesses that they cannot control and maybe if this was explained to them that they have better understanding that your daughter reacts this way is because of her condition. Love and prayers Bonita

10-17-2010, 03:54 AM
thankyou for information linda she is 15 yrs old and she has had a very positive experience when doing work experience in a factory she looks forward to this she recently tried to apply to mcdonalds but they turned her down which hurt her, we were only going to get her taught self defense for blocking purposes. it is nice to find a teacher who fully understands what mikaelas issues are it is a shame there is not more teachers like you mikaelas councellor ask the head of support unit to talk to aspergers association on how to understand mikaela and put procedures in place but so far nothing has been done the only thing they have done is have her iQ TESTEDto see if she needs to be in support unit or if they could mainstream her this worries me because if they put her in mainstream she may become overwhelmed and more of a target for bullies. when i told the the head of the department about mikaelas health issues the other day she made asarcastic remarks that with whats wrong with mikaela is a miracle she walking around i was so offended by this remark i just think they do not want to deal with mikaela so they are trying to pass the buck on to someone else and they sure get annoyed when the doctors and mikaelas mental health councelor wants to talk to them i am runnning out of ideas thankyou all for caring hugs kim l

Linda From Australia
10-17-2010, 05:16 AM
Kim you said that Mikaela tried to apply for a job at Mcdonald's but got turned down. Did she have a support person with her? Did they know she has a disability? I know that they have a policy for employing people with disabilities and have a very good training program. I also know that you have to apply through a specialist disability employment agency, not just filling out an application form at the local Mcdonald's.

I am not sure of the details, but I will see if I can find out for you. I have asked you a few times if Mikaela has an LAC (Local Area Coordinator). If she does he could help you out with organising somethings for you. That is their job.

Here is some information I found out that might be of value to you and Mikaela:

Being Disability-Confident
McDonald’s has a long-standing ‘top level’ commitment to supporting employment opportunities for people with disability. Through the employment of hundreds of individuals with disabilities throughout Australia, we are already part of an extensive network of community organisations, groups and citizens, pro-active in supporting people with disability.
We are a Foundation Charter Member of the Australian Employers’ Network on Disability and we are a signatory to the Employment Charter for People with a Disability.

The minimum age of employment outside school hours is 14 years of age for casual and part time employees. It is our policy that if you are 14 years of age, but not yet 14 years and 9 months that:
Your parent or guardian provides written consent for you to start work
You must be able to demonstrate during the interview that you have the ability to handle difficult situations and the skill to fulfil the required positions

I am not sure what part of Sydney you live in, but I found some information about Parramatta on this web site. You may want to phone a few and ask for some agencies closer to where you live. http://www.mdaa.org.au/archive/05/mdaa-EmployersGuide.pdf

Specialist disability employment services covering Parramatta include:
Active Employment (works with people with all kinds of disabilities congenital and acquired, including intellectual, physical, neurological, sensory, learning, attention deficit disorders and psychiatric): Ph 9635 6300; Suite 5, Level 5, 169 Macquarie Street, Parramatta
Jobmatch (varied disability groups): Ph 9890 0970; Level 2, 1 Fennell St, North Parramatta
SEDS – Metro West (Sydney Employment Development Service) works with people with physical disability, multiple disability and acquired brain injury: Ph 9635 7600; Suite 1, Level 1, Lachlan Towers, 17-21 Macquarie Street, Parramatta
Break Thru Employment Solutions Ltd (varied disability groups): Ph 9893 9988; Suite 5, Level 1, 20-22 Macquarie Street, Parramatta
Department of Education and Training New Apprentices Centre (NAC) Parramatta (trainee/apprenticeship centre – provides services for students with disabilities): Ph 9204 7400; Station House, 16-18 Wentworth Street, Parramatta

Linda From Australia
10-17-2010, 05:35 AM
I found a web site and some contact information for you: http://www.eeo.nsw.gov.au/people_with_a_disability/employment_services

Disability Employment Services (DES)

The Disability Employment Services (DES) provides specialist assistance to job seekers with disability who require ongoing support to find and maintain employment. DES is delivered by a network of organisations around Australia.

A job seeker can be referred to DES if they:

have permanent (or likely to be permanent) disability;
have a reduced capacity for communication, learning or mobility;
require support for more than six months after placement in employment;
and/or require specialist assistance to build capacity in order to share the financial, social and personal benefits that employment offers.

For more information visit: the DES website or www.jobaccess.gov.au

To find out about the DES Program telephone Centrelink and ask to speak to a Disability Support Officer: 13 10 21.