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09-07-2010, 10:15 AM
Ok so the night before last I got ready for bed. Brushed my teeth and use saline spray and blew my nose since I was all stuffed up like I have been for most of the pregnancy. Ive always had sinus issues. Anyhow, I laid down around 11pm and woke up close to 4am feeling really nauseous. I tried to disregard it and get back to sleep probably 3 or 4 times but kept waking up. When I decided to get up and try to use the bathroom to hopefully get back to sleep I was awake enough to realize I felt like I was having post nasal drip. So when I got it out of my throat and spit it out of my mouth into the sink it was nothing but blood, spit and 2 nice sized blood clots. I remember in my mouth it had felt like the chunky mucus you get with a cold etc but when I spit it out and saw that it was a lot of blood. I have had nosebleeds with my pregnancies and some bleeding before due to blowing my nose but nothing like this. I used the saline spray again later that day due to stuffiness but I never had anymore of the bleeding/clotting since that one time. Anyone know what it might be? Here's a link to a pic I took of it to show my rheumy:


Lemme know if anyone has experienced this before! I also had a strange experience a few nights before that which I thought was low blood sugar. I hadn't eaten dinner yet and had been upset due to hormones. I was sitting at the table and all of the sudden I started feeling really disoriented and then everything almost went completely black in front of me and I started falling out of the chair. It happened twice almost back to back, then I got really shakey & anxious, dizzy, my heart started racing. I was very nauseous and my stomach hurt like bad hunger pains. My bf was standing there and helped me get some juice cuz I thought it was my sugar so I chugged that down and ate a little something and eventually it went away. Even before all that I had been drinking gatorade so I wasn't sure why my sugar would've dropped so drastically since I had something in my system at least. Dont know if that was connected or not to the above occurrence but thought Id mention it.

Also, I wanted to inform everyone since the hernia surgery my son had on Aug 13th, he has now contracted staph/mrsa infection in his incision & they have him on 2 diff meds for it. It is local only thankfully but were praying it heals & gets better as the next step is to go back in and remove the infection. Keep us in your prayers as I am due for my c-section Sept 20th at the same hospital he had his surgery & we think maybe the germs came from the hospital itself. I am a little scared to come home and have my son fulltime, a newborn & myself with a much larger incision and opportunity for infection with a compromised immune system already. Hope everything works out with this! Hope you all are well. *hugs* -Lupie Britt

09-07-2010, 03:56 PM
Hi Britt,
Since you only had those two clots and you didn't keep bleeding, I doubt whether the docs will be too concerned.
The infection in the hospital is a concern, though. Is a C-section necessary? I think that I'd be trying to go into labor naturally before the 20th.
My poor daughter was c-sectioned because of sepsis, 72 hours after they tried to induce her. The hospital wouldn't admit it, but we're sure that they introduced the infection.
Lately, hospitals are full of bad germs. This is why I had my babies at home!
Good luck with both of your little ones.
We can't wait to see the pictures of Emma!

09-09-2010, 09:42 PM
I have not had the low blood sugar level problems, but I have had the post nasal bleeds, when lying down, that came up as small clots when I blew my nose or coughed. I agree with Marla that they are not serious, especially since it did not continue.
However, it does happen to me sporadically.

Marla has also given you excellent advice about your pregnancy and C-section. Please keep us posted.

Peace and Blessings