View Full Version : Finally saw a rheumotologist

02-12-2003, 06:59 PM
I finally saw a rheumotologist yesterday. He said that from the blood work that my PCP did that it looks like I am borderline lupus. He is taking me off of the prednisone and other meds. I go back in 2 weeks for the results of a urine and more blood test that he did. He said everything looks and sounds good.
But I thought there was no "borderline" lupus. You either have it, or you dont. When I told him about the chest pains, the rash, the swollen ankles and hands, depression, and FATIGUE, I got the distinct impression he blew me off. I wanted to grab him and yell, "YOURE NOT LISTENING TOO ME!! I am not some deranged lonely housewife who sits around and imagines these things!"
Has anyone else ever felt this way? I am no doctor, but I know my body and I know how I feel. Even without an MD behind my name, I know what is and isn't normal!!

02-12-2003, 08:36 PM
Yep you are right you know normal. I think cause this area of medicine is so large and everyone has different symptoms they get numb to the fact of it or something. Lots of different condidtions have these same symptoms you wrote. And I think when they just have no clue what is going on with you they say nothing. Stinky. I have been thru 4 general doctors and 2 rheumies. I just felt they were not listening. THis is my life and I am too young to feel like crap and not knowing is worse. Only thing I can say is if you feel that way find another doctor yep I know another long wait to see them. No there is no borderline lupus but there is many different stages. Maybe he was trying to say it is early stages. Not sure though

02-14-2003, 04:56 AM
ALISON my friend so glad to hear back from you.....what you percieved as being BLOWN OFF by the doc was actually GOOD NEWS.
That means that your tests are so borderline it may be due to something else and something very simple such as a thyroid condiditon.

You Thyroid will produce alot of the same symtoms as LUPUS as far as fatigue,joint pain, loss of appetite and sleep and swollen joints.

Though it seems you find all the doctors with the BAD bedside manners.....I would take his answers to you as a GOOD THING!!!!!!

You may wanna try a different approach next time you see him and set him down and tell him how neurotic this has made you and how you've already gotten the run around from to many other docs and wpuld he please take the time to explain this to you etc etc.....

Use a little psychology on him to get what you want. Somtimes Doctors forget they're dealing with PEOPLE not cars....so since you're paying him remind him of that in a polite yet firm way.

If you;re so broderline that he has not alarmed you with a wuick barrage of meds and a treatment plan take this as a GOOD thing and relish in the thoughts of hoping you're not LUPUS posotive and it may be somethingg as simple as your THYROID acting up.

God Bless