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10-17-2005, 03:07 PM
Hello there I was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to drink on occasion with lupus, I was just wondering if it would make me sick or what other kind of effects it would have on me, I know before I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis I was just on plaquenil and prednisone and drank on weekends and never really had a problem now I have kidney problems and also take cellcept so if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

10-17-2005, 03:46 PM

The link is to WebMD, I typed Cellcept into the search. Not sure if you're on oral or IV, so didn't go farther. Search through those results, it will tell you whether the meds interact with alcohol.

In moderation, if you're NOT taking an NSAID, it might be OK to have a drink at times. Remember that Tylenol and alcohol both process through your liver, and that aspirin/NSAIDS and alcohol both irritate the stomach, plus NSAIDS process through your kidneys. I'm not sure if alcohol affects the kidneys, that may be a conter-indication as well. Because of all that, if you drink at all, you need to take care.

Hugs dear, and possibly someone will have additional information for you.

10-19-2005, 04:33 PM
In answer to your Q, there are many conditions associated with lupus, some more common than others. One of the lupus conditions I have is less well known and comes in the form of anaphalctic shock. Normally, this is associated with things such as bee stings, peanuts and seafood. There is another version medically classed as "excersise induced anaphalaxis"

I have found that there is a close link between a few glasses and anaphalaxis shock. I think the alcahol is a catalyst rather than the cause however, the results in mild cases are serious.

I would advise you to listen to your own body.

That is just my experiance and I am not a certified medical practitioner.


10-24-2005, 08:20 AM
I drink on occasion - I take Cellcept, et al......I once asked my rheumy - he said a working kidney is good, so do what you like.

I think it's different for everyonr, like this disease, so see how your body does.