View Full Version : Anyone get sore/swollen gums?

08-29-2010, 03:41 PM
For the second time in about six months, I have been getting sore gums on the left side of my mouth. All of my pain and symptoms are on the left side, so it makes me wonder if this is some sort of inflammation from the lupus. I also get an ache in the ear part of the time too. It's been going on for several days......longer than the last time. Any thoughts? Thanks for your input and help.

08-29-2010, 04:56 PM
Hi Jesse,

I get the same thing. I'll get sore gums on one side, and I get this dull burning feeling down in my jaw at the same time. Usually when this happens my TMJ problems will also flare up. My Dr. and I both think its inflammation from Lupus. If I take a couple of Naproxin tablets, the inflammation will die down a bit, only to return after a few hours.

It comes and goes on it's own schedule. Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes 3 or 4. Lupus is a strange thing. You never know what sort of new and odd pain you will run into on any given day.

If you don't have a script for Naproxen and want to try it, you can buy it over the counter under the brand name Aleve. It does help dull the ache somewhat. I also find that using a potent mouthwash like listerine also helps dull the pain a bit. I don't know why listerine does this, but it works for me.


08-29-2010, 05:09 PM
I get this small area of inflammation on one side as well..I have to be diligent with the floss..it doesn't make it go away, but it is worse if I am not meticulous about the brush/floss.

08-30-2010, 04:58 AM
Rob and Andrea, thank you for your responses. I just saw the dentist two weeks ago for my six month cleaning/checkup and all was well. I am very careful to keep my teeth and gums brushed and flossed because Sjogren's can do it's own dirty work in that area.

Rob, what you describe is exactly what I'm experiencing and I do have a prescription for naproxen, which helps for a few hours. Last night when I was flossing, I almost hit the roof when I flossed between the two most swollen teeth. This is something new so I called first thing this morning to get an appointment with the dentist. He'll see me later this afternoon and I'm hoping he can tell me what's going on. If it is from the lupus or Sjogren's, I'll just limp along until it calms down. I'll be sure to use the mouthwash too, as you suggested.

I appreciate the time you both have taken to answer my question. Have a great day!

Angel Oliver
08-30-2010, 02:13 PM
Yes i get it too very painful.I use a mouthwash and notice the toothpaste irritates it more,so i brush gently.Once it was so bad i had puss coming from the gums and was on antibiotics yummy lol.Hope yours eases soon:)xx

08-30-2010, 02:40 PM
I have a weird thing going on with my gums from time to time to. They get really painful and are especially sensitive if I eat certain fruits. If you look at them they dont really look like anything is wrong except for being a little red. It always bothers me in the front of my mouth and sometimes feels like my teeth are sensitive. I was given a mouthwash for gingivitis which I cant believe I would have because Iam a fanatic about taking care of my teeth it does seem to help though. Its very irritating when it happens though

08-30-2010, 03:49 PM

Have you ever heard of a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia? It can cause sudden pain like you are describing. I have this and I deal with it a couple of different ways-it can be treated effectively. The pain I have is sudden, and severe, and usually associated with pressure on a certain tooth or from brushing or flossing around the tooth. It's a weird, transient pain, but when it happens, it really gets your attention. It's like suddenly biting down on a piece of tinfoil. Not fun at all. Does this sound like what you are experiencing?


09-06-2010, 06:16 AM
Well, it seems my problem could be related to lupus, since others have it as well. The dentist could only see some slight reddening and the X-ray showed no problem. He gave me a prescription rinse to use. At that point my entire left side upper and lower was feeling swollen but only the lower side was very painful in that one spot. I found the rinse didn't do much. What did finally help was taking naproxen faithfully for a few days. Taking it hit or miss as I was doing just wasn't working. I needed to take it consistently twice a day for a while. That brought down the swelling and pain. I always try to avoid pain meds because naproxen is hard on the liver and mine is already cranky from the Imuran. But that's what really helps my gums and general pain. I just have to get over my stubborness and take it when I need it. I'm learning that naproxen seems to be more effective after taking it a few times, rather than just once.

Rob, I am familiar with trigeminal neuralgia, though mine doesn't present exactly like yours or the way I've read about it. You seem to have the classic type and you have my sympathies. I've read about how devasating that pain can be. My type is an ache/tense/tired feeling around the eye and cheek bone area. When I asked my rheumy, he said that is also TN. As long as I stay on my meds, the TN is under control. It seems that you have found a way to control your pain and I'm so glad about that. From what I've read it can be absolutely horrible to live with.