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08-29-2010, 08:08 AM
Hey everyone I just have a quick question...my middle finger on my right hand has decided to be a fool today and start locking up and going into painful spasms randomly and a few times after each other now, my pinky did a lil bit of it too on the other hand but only once though...i'm new so I would like to know if its the lupus causing it?? I've also been having an increase of wrist pain recently and the other day my neck cracked so loud my mom thought it was my knee cracking as I was bending down(she was shocked to hear that i was indeed standing not bending and that it was my neck not my knee-she was a few rooms away)...lol...also most mornings i wake up with my hands curled in fists and stiff, so i have to wait for them to come to life again...*sigh*..any tips for the spasms cos i'm trying to study for a MAJOR test right now and not being able to hold a pen, let alone write is quite a problem right now...mixed in with the brain fog it's like a real ol rio carnival up in my body..haha

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you, mwah (hope you're all having a better sunday than mine), geez this took forever to type

08-29-2010, 10:37 AM
Good morning missy,

Asking if "lupus can do this" is a very common question and the only answer that I can give is "lupus can do almost anything". It is different for all of us and attacks us each differently. Having said that please understand that symptoms like that should be discussed with your doctor because they are very important.

I have trouble with my joints. They swell, hurt and crack as well. So far mine have not completely locked up but they get very stiff and it makes normal chores difficult. The plaqunil helped after a few months as do the steroids but I still take tons of ibuprofen to get through the day. When my body gets sore and stiff warm baths help but make sure you have a way to get out of the tub because you don't wanna get stuck down there!

Hope you feel better soon and don't forget to talk to your doctor!

08-29-2010, 11:00 AM
Hi socialmissy,

I consider myself the mistress of finger and hand pain because that's how my whole autoimmune rollar coaster ride got started. My fingers started staying down in a bent position every morning, lasting hours and sometimes all day until one day one finger in particular would not come back up at all. I would have to pry it back up to make it straight and that would be extremely painful and sometimes not work at all. I went to my doctor and he sent me to a hand surgeon who went into my palm and released my finger (right hand finger next to pinky) by putting a cut in the tendon sheath so it had more space to move due to all the swelling, and would also not lock again. After I healed the surgery seemed to be a success, my finger no longer locked, but then it started happening in my other fingers so I went back to my doctor again, and I told him that something had to be wrong for this to be happening besides the hard work I did (I used to work with horses, haul hay bales, etc every day). So he sent me for some blood tests, and that's when they found out I had problems. One thing in particular they found in me was the Rhuematoid Factor antibody. I have a combination of RA, Lupus and Sjogrens and the RA is what pinpoints to the locking, twisting (my index fingers on both hands are twisting) and swelling in my joints, especially my hands, more than anything else. I know Lupus can cause joint pain as well but I know that RA is much worse, much more painful...Unfortunately...It sucks.

Ok besides all that crappy stuff, what I do to deal with this is I wear compression gloves at night and during the day if it's cold. They are made of a stretchy, breathable material that compresses your hands a bit to increase blood flow and keep the heat in. They REALLY make a difference, and help to keep the pain down and keep my hands open and from aching as much as they usually do in the morning.
I also soak my hands in hot water, and massage all the joints by starting with the palm and working my way out and up my fingers. I can't really write that well anymore because holding a pen or pencil causes me pain and makes my nodules worse as well as makes my hand seize. I drop things all the time and have a very limited grip unless I am able to wrap my entire hand around the object.
I would honestly look into getting yourself a pair of these gloves. They can be worn anywhere and the fingertips are left open so they're not a full glove. My fingers still do lock, and the medication I am on doesn't really do as much as I had hoped but it still does something at least so its not as bad as the first time, and having more surgeries is not fun so for now I am just going to keep doing what I am doing.

Also, does the stiffness last for more than an hour, or less?
I'm sorry if what I posted is scarey, its just what I go through all the time but there are ways to cope with it!

08-29-2010, 11:01 AM
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08-30-2010, 05:46 PM
I have the pop and cracking of joints really loud,stiff sore joints and even my hands. I have not had it really bad. Mornings are worse. It takes a while before my hands are hands again. Pull on clothing has become a favorite thing because its easier to get dressed in the mornings. I'm older so being stylish isn't so important to me. Comfort and Ease seem to be the rule when getting any new clothing. It was great that Hunniebun told us what helped her. I will try to keep that in mind if mine get any worse. You can find lots of great advice and help on here and from people who know what you are dealing with. Hope you find something that helps... Warm water and gentle massage help mine loosen up some. Hope your fog clears and you can think with a clear mind.