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08-27-2010, 04:28 PM
Hey all! Lately I've been having what I can best describe as surreal moments or feeling kind of out of body. I'll just be sitting down watching tv or on the pc and I just kind of go out of it for a minute. It's really hard to describe.

I had an appt w/rheumy today and I did mention it to her. She said that weird stuff happens w/Lupus and if it continues to happen then she can give me referral to neuro again. I had a whole list of things to discuss w/her this was the only thing I could remember. Why do we make lists so that we don't forget - which only helps when we remember the stupid #$$ERT^$TEFA list!

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any insight/experience w/anything similar! Thanks!

Linda From Australia
08-27-2010, 06:46 PM
Is it possible to drop the list off with a short note to your rheumy? You could explain that you had the list with you but forgot to refer to it, then you could leave your email and phone number on the bottom for her to contact you. Be specific about the questions you want her to answer.

08-27-2010, 06:48 PM
Linda - Thank you for the thought. I'm actually going to try and find a new doc. I've been contemplating it for a while now, but after her glib answer today and the total of 5 min that I spent in her office, I've had it.

08-27-2010, 09:10 PM
Don't beat yourself up bout the list or the surreal moments. We all deal with the brain fog and the chronic forgetfulness. It is a scary part of the disease and your doctor was right in telling you that a referral to a neuro might be needed. It is important to determine if your brain fog and your forgetfulness could be a symptom of CNS involvement and,if so, start appropriate treatment.
Try not to stress about this...you are not alone. LOL

Peace and Blessings

08-27-2010, 09:53 PM
I know she was right in telling me that, it was just the way she said about the "weird stuff happens in Lupus" - it was almost like it was no big deal. Like, haha. I don't mind going to the neuro, I want to get to the bottom of it. when it happens it's not the normal brain fog - it's so much worse than that. As far as forgetting the list - I was just venting - I'm always forgetting my grocery lists! Should be used to that by now. :)

08-28-2010, 06:24 AM
Red, go find a new doctor! I kept with the same, glib doctor for way too long! If you have a teaching hospital where you are it is a great place for treatment! All my docs now have access to my file and they are cutting edge. I go to UTMB Physicians in Houston and I love my doctors now. First appointment with the Rheumy took 2 hours and the first appointment with the neuro took 1! Finally I felt like people were paying attention!

Get the "brain fog" checked. It can be something more then just a "funny Lupus thing". Keep us posted!

08-29-2010, 11:06 AM
... Get the "brain fog" checked. It can be something more then just a "funny Lupus thing". Keep us posted!
Ditto!... Immediately, if not sooner. Brain fog is one thing, but "out of body" can be another. Be sure and describe your experience in detail to the doctor(s). Did you happen to note your sugars level, bp or heart rate at the time?