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08-27-2010, 09:33 AM
Hello to all of you! I hope you are well. Just thought I would post and let everyone know I am 36 weeks tomorrow & our baby girl who we decided to name Emma Elizabeth is doing just fine :) I am eager for this to be over to I can hold my daughter but Im also not looking forward to Lupus being a fulltime part of my life again. I have been remissive with the pregnancy for the most part and felt as normal as I have in a very long time. What worries me most is having another seizure with hormone fluctuation like at the beginning of the pregnancy and the lupus getting worse. I finally am seeing a rheumy locally as well as my initial rheumy and they are going to work together to try and keep everything at bay. I am staying on the Keppra & Plaquenil while I breastfeed & there's talk of using prednisone if need be until I get the tests done for IBD & see what other kind of med we can use on a long-term basis after I am done breastfeeding. Guess well just have to see how everything goes. Other than really tired & moody I am feeling pretty good really but tired of being preggo! lol I will update again after the birth of the baby and be sure to post more pics of everything :) The profile pic up now was taken at 33 weeks 5 days and Emma was 4lbs 6ozs at that point. Ill have to get a new profile pic of myself up there so you can see my big bump lol Hope you all have a wonderful day and God Bless! :) Brittanee

08-27-2010, 09:40 AM
I am so glad you are feeling well and that the baby is almost here! Keep us posted so we can celebrate the big day!

08-27-2010, 10:03 AM
Hey Brittanee,
It is so good to finally see an update from you! I'm so glad that you are making it through your pregnancy so well. It won't be much longer!
You should upload some of Emma's pics here so that we can see how beautiful she is when she is born.
I'm glad that the rheumies are working together and keeping you going well. Hang in there and breastfeed for as long as you possibly can.
It will be best for your health and Emma's.
My grandson is 8 months and has 6 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom already. Continuing to breastfeed while being teethed upon has been a chore
for my daughter, but she's been a trooper, and he's still nursing!
Remember - next Friday, Sept. 3 is my B-day. That would be a great day for Emma to make her grand appearance!
Keep us updated.
Hugs and love,

08-27-2010, 10:14 AM
Sept 3rd I will keep that in mind lol I will be 37 weeks Sept 4th but its a saturday so the 3rd I actually have an ob appt so we will see if Im dilating at all by then. As of last week I wasn't yet so well see :-) My sisters & my friends bdays are the 15th of Sept & my aunts is the 19th. So well see what happens! & congrats to your daughter on the breastfeeding, I only got 3 weeks in with my son before I dried up because I had to pump as he was a preemie and was in the hospital and had to learn his sucking reflex before I could actually breastfeed him. By the time he learned and came home is when I started drying up so Im hoping for a better outcome this time as I really enjoyed the closeness we shared. Dont know how she does it with him having all those teeth though! xD lol I wish you both the best and thanks for the comments guys! I will def be posting pics! :) *hugs* -Lupie Britt

Linda From Australia
08-27-2010, 06:35 PM
I am so glad you posted an update. I was wondering how things were going with you and your baby. Keep up the good health and enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant.

08-27-2010, 09:20 PM
It was so wonderful to hear from you and I am so happy that the pregnancy is going well. I pray that your Lupus remains remissive or, at least, does not flare up.
I was unable to breastfeed either of my children due to meds that I was taking. However, I still experienced closeness with them cuz I bottle fed them topless right next to my skin and I let them fall asleep on my skin. So u can still feel the closeness even tho u may not b able to breastfeed.
It sounds as if your sweet baby girl is gonna b healthy and beautiful. CanSt wait for the pictures.
Peace and Blessings

08-29-2010, 11:00 AM
... I have been remissive with the pregnancy for the most part and felt as normal as I have in a very long time ... while I breastfeed ...
My wife breastfed our two boys, and that helped "extend" her "remission" with fibromyalgia. I don't know if it'd be similar for lupus or not, but maybe... Perhaps someone else could relate their experience?... Best wishes to you and your baby, Brittanee. We'll be praying.