View Full Version : skin,neuro,cardiac... symptoms,may it be lupus?

08-19-2010, 02:30 PM
hello i am new here and i have posted about my sun sensitivity in "lupus rashes" yet.


there is something wrong with me for about 4 years now but i try to help myself...

one year before the sun and skin sensitivity began, weird constitutional sx started.
they came very suddenly without any reasons and felt like panic attack and having hypoglicemia and i didn`t get rid of them again.
sometimes i have them chronically for a longer while and always some food with me but on other times i don`t have so much problems with it.
i`ve been tested for sugar problems, thyriod gland,bloodwork,liver values and kidney more than once, where nothing has been found.
blood pressure is also normal but heart rate sometimes too fast,also head mri was made some time and came back normal.

my other symptoms beside skin are:

-feeling like hypoglicemia,eating makes it better
-brain fogs and/or rapid mental changes
-muscle twithches
-sometimes severe migraine attacks
and coming and going pains in pelvis area

sometimes i have fits where i have extremely nausea,cardiac problems and feel very weak plus kind of a confusion and then i have to stay in bed most of the time and eat gluco cubes first and then binge eat the whole day long so that symptoms slowly get better and to not colapse.
within many hours or even two days long the things usually will get better and then resolve.
i often thought of calling the ambulance in these situations but luckily eating made it slowly better then, but i find it strange how a person can eat all day long and it helps against it...
and then often kind of confusion and changes in thinking are left for a while after such a fit.

i also want to mention that am also not a person who is dieting or has an eating disorder,i usually eat normal,as healthy as i can and sometimes a bit more then normal but i stay rather slim and have no bigger problems with weight changes,neither gain nor loss.

and i noticed that even the pelvis pains which i luckily only sometimes have get better when i eat more than normal.(??)

do you have same symptoms with lupus??

thx for reply ;)

Angel Oliver
08-19-2010, 03:26 PM
Hello and welcome again.Wow you have had it rough lately.Have you seen a doctor and had any tests yet or seen a rheumatologist? If not you need to get an appointment soon.Hang in there.Im on this site and im not 100% sure yet,after many years of fighting to find out answers what i have,whether Lupus or something else.Ive had a few answers.But we are all here to support you.Othere members will be here soon and will help you too.
love n gentle hugs

08-21-2010, 02:42 AM
Hello Angel Oliver

Thx for your fast reply ;)

My doctor says it is just sun and contact allergies and with the wounds I wasn`t at the doc until now.
I think I should see dermatologist and rheumatologist although I don`t have so much pain with my limbs, it is more rarely in my case.

Strange enough,but I have more brain,neuro,cardiac and nausea symptoms...
Sometimes they are even recurring delusions like I am schizophrenic, like I stand beneath myself but I get it all that I am thinking wrong and wonder about the thoughts after a while. (?)
And I have troubles concentrating since I am child..

Do you have similar things that your symptoms improve when you eat more or doesn`t it make a difference?
What are your symptoms?

nice greetz ;)