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07-14-2010, 09:14 PM
so ive mentioned before that im completely boy crazy...
well i went on my first date with jarett last night. i guess you can call it a date. i just went over to his place to hang out. a friend of mine set us up (blind date)
so everything was cool and we were having a lot of fun, then for some reason i stood up and i guess i stood up too fast because all of a sudden, everything starts going dark. i got really light-headed and dizzy and had to sit back down. then the dizzyness started to make my stomach turn and the nausea ensued...
i puked all over this poor guys backyard. i was sooooo embarrassed!
the random dizzy spells happen to me a lot since ive been diagnosed. and after every dizzy spell there's usually a muscle spasm, where my shoulders cramp up hardcore and i feel even sicker. so after i puked i booked it out of there, got to my car and found a place to park and chill while the muscle spasm hit. i haven't had an 'attack' (thats what i like to call it) like this in a few weeks, so it was time for one i guess... but why did it have to be during my first date with jarett?!?!?

on a good note: jarett was really sweet about the whole thing. he brought me a bottle of water and held my hair for me while i puked. he even gave me a hug before i left (while i looked my worst and smelled like vomit) and called later to make sure i made it home okay.

he texted me today and asked me out to a movie! this guy is such a sweetheart. i got uber sick at his place and he still wants to take me out. he saw me after i puked, and still told me i was way cute. and btw this guy is a hottie!!! i might keep him around for a while depending on how our second date goes. i hope i dont get sick again!!

so here's my problem: i dont know if i should tell jarett that i have lupus. or how to. im sure he thinks something's up. girls dont just randomly get sick like that. not that sick. i feel like he should know, but thats going to end up being a very awkward conversation and i definately dont want our second date to be awkward. not after our lame first date.

07-14-2010, 09:27 PM
Wow, that was an embarrassing first date!
Look at it this way, though - Jarrett really sounds like a keeper. The guy seems very promising if he's that caring of you, even when you are sick and he doesn't even have an explanation for it.
So, in answer to your question, I think that I would just relax and enjoy a few dates first, without any serious talks. Unless he brings up your mysterious illness - then I would be honest and explain it to him. (He might suspect that you were drinking, or had food poisoning) If your friendship develops and deepens, then you would really want to take him into your confidence.
For now, enjoy!
Ah, young love! (from someone who has been married for 34 years)

07-15-2010, 05:57 AM
Hello Professional Pilot,

I was in the same sort of situation back when I was your age, but I was in the position of your friend Jarett. A college buddy of mine had set me up with his fiancee's sister on a blind date. The date was at a BBQ at my friend's house. She was gorgeous, smart, funny, and as it turns out, really sick! She was feeling fine, and in the middle of our first conversation, she got sick to her stomach. It was messy. It turns out she had food poisoning as here sister got sick too, and they both had eaten at the same greasy spoon restaurant the day before.

My poor date was really embarrassed, and thought I would never call her again. Well, I certainly did call her again, and we ended up dating for about a year before different schools and upcoming careers sent us in different directions. The point of my story, is that guys don't get too worked up over things like this. In fact, many of us enjoy "taking care of" the lady in our life, we like to be fixers, so it's natural that we would not be put off by a lady who is sick. I wouldn't go into the whole Lupus issue right away, just have fun, and talk about it when you feel the time is right. Look at the getting sick episode as an ice-breaker, it's something you could both laugh about because hey, puke happens. Don't worry about it, just go out and have a great time with your date.


07-15-2010, 12:20 PM
Great advice Marla!!

07-15-2010, 07:46 PM
hi professional pilot,

just wanted to agree with marla, rob and saysusie. Sounds like he is a great guy....just relax and try to enjoy yourself. When the time is right, you will be able to talk to him without stressing over it.

07-18-2010, 10:25 PM
He sounds like an absolute sweetie. I vote that you go out again... He is the type you need. Just laugh off the puke and keep laughing. He does not need to know right away. He can't catch Lupus so just have good time and enjoy life a while. Someone sent a worse first date story in an email and it made me laugh . I could see this happening to me.. it's about a girl having to pee after a ski date and her butt gets stuck to the bumper of the car.... due to her rear being warm and the bumper freezing. The two of them are happily married. Laugh it off it may be a story to tell your grandkids! If not you will have enjoyed the laughter.