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the wingless one
06-14-2010, 09:45 PM
Hi all...Probably sick of hearing me talking about this but the hubby and I really want to start a family soon. The only problem is that I'm pretty sure when I see my rheumy next week he's going to tell me to stop tapering and go back to increasing my meds. I haven't had any blood/urine tests run recently but from my bp and the arthritis and just sheer exhaustion I've been feeling, I'm pretty sure I know what's coming.

Started talking to the hubs and asking him if the doc does what I think he does if we can start seriously looking into adoption as our route to starting a family (I do still want to try to get pregnant at some point but adoption has always been something we planned on doing, so why not now?). And he said he's all for it!

Now my worry is I've read that for international adoptions you typically need a doctor to sign off on your health. Will I have issues getting a medical waiver because of my lupus? It is mostly in remission and I have never had to be hospitalized or anything for flares...in fact I have barely even missed any days of work because of it. I know I'm not "healthy" in the normal sense of the word but I do feel like my husband and I are more than capable of providing a loving and safe home for a child. Does anyone have any experience with adoption and know whether lupus is considered something that will get you blacklisted from international adoption?


06-15-2010, 11:07 AM
I know nothing about the adoptive process. Perhaps you can contact your county's adoption services and ask if your disease would disqualify you from being an adoptive parent. I do hope that you get the answers that you want. I'm sorry that I could not be more helpful.

Peace and Blessings