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05-05-2010, 09:35 PM
Ok. Well... I'll just start by saying that I'm sorry if I'm coming on here and sounding like the most negative person on earth. I'm not, normally. At least not all the time. But... I just have no idea what to do anymore.

Ok. Every chance she gets, my mother tells me that I have nothing to do with them, and makes me feel like I am just the WORST daughter that ever existed. I visited them for a week with my daughter. You would figure that would be bonding time right? Oh no, of course not! She ignores me, pays attention to my 19 year old sister (who lives with her) when I try to join in on their conversations they look at me like I have three heads or "What are you doing here?" And then she tells me that I need to stop feeding my child junk and she needs to potty train (like I don't know that already. I'm trying!).

Well... she always tells me I don't call her. But do y'all want to know the truth? The truth is that I try. And she never answers. She has my mil's number in her phone as "Nikki's MIL" so she definately knows it's me. I wanted to call her to tell her what is going on, and she doesn't answer. So I leave her a message. No call all night. I tried to see what was up, and looked for my sis' facebook page. She un friended me. I left her a message and told her to tell our mother to call me. And told her it was urgent. Who knows if she'll get the message.

If she doesn't call by Sunday... well... I think I'll mail her a pretty Mother's Day card in the mail and leave a note telling her all about it, and that I will not contact her again until she calls me. Because I'm done trying. I'm trying to be a good Christian. And forgive.

But there is only so much forgiving I can do.

On another subject: I am hurting tonight. My feet/ankles are itching and hurting, I thnk that has something to do with the heat, though... and I haven't been able to talk tonight. After crying over this whole damn mess, I also feel like my throat just hurts.

I'm so done with this drama. It's not doing me any good, and worrying about it is not making her call me.

What would any of y'all do in my situation? I'm just tired of giving a damn for any of them. They sure don't give a damn over me OR their wonderful granddaughter. I just really want to give up right about now.:(

05-06-2010, 03:13 PM
I don't have any advice about your situation, but it irritates me to no end when people never answer their phone or take forever to call back. I can so relate to that part of what you are going through.

05-06-2010, 06:21 PM
Thats a tough situation. If it was anyone else, I would tell you to cut them lose. But its your mom. I know that she might not sound like the best in the world, but you do love her or else you wouldnt be so upset. My mom and I have a great relationship, so I dont really know what I would do. I guess maybe do what you said, dont contact her until she calls you. It sounds like you cant win with her though. If you dont call, then your a bad daughter. If you do, then she doesnt answer. There is no winning. I cant believe that your sister took you off fb. that would make me furious. If you can I would just stay as far away as I can. If they care they will contact you. If they dont, then oh well. You dont need them anyways. Sorry if this sounds harsh, its not the way that I am intending it, but it would definitely make me mad as well.

05-06-2010, 06:59 PM
Yeah... the phone thing really just irritates me in general. Because... I ALWAYS call back when people leave me a message. Even if I don't want to. *lol*

I agree. I'll never cut her out, but I think... our relationship will always be at arms length. We're just two completely different people, and lead two completely different lives. I love her, and she says that she will always be there for me, but this is a time when I need her the most. I need my mom. :( *sigh* But yeah, I'm ticked at my sister. She deleted me because of a fight. And not even one WE were having, but my uncle and great aunt and her. On my comments. (ugh.) So... yeah. I'm just going to let her make the next move. *sigh*

05-06-2010, 07:11 PM
I think thats the best choice. It will be hard, but stick to it!